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, es Duffy Designs If the whole red and green thing really isn t your bag, think metallic Silver and gold elements sparkle on this wreath Red berries and a poinsettia flourish mark this potting shed s simple plank door Traditional Exterior by Rikki Snyder Rikki Snyder This beautiful front door

, Singapore Takeout is mobile kitchen within a customized shipping container which traverses nine cities around the globe in order to bring a taste of Slice the brown outer layer off first and cut it into thin strips for the metal railroad beams and then cut the tan inside into planks for the wooden part of the

Every week we share some of our favorite home decor and furniture from the Houzz Shop But as we Industrial style bar stools with weathered metal and worn wood were the most popular this year, followed by midcentury and modern style dining chairs Industrial Bar Rustic Wall Accents by Sustainable Lumber Co.

, We used elements throughout the entire home that would tie the spaces together they weave their way through the space, Horowitz says For example, the wrapping The walnut wood wall is composed of unfinished floor tongue and groove planks from Vermont Plank Flooring From the top of the

, Most garden visitors probably wouldn t expect to see a coastal inspired landscape on the th story of an apartment building and a restored estate garden covered in the same tour, but this weekend and next, visitors will have the opportunity to see both as part of The Cultural Landscape Foundation s fourth

, arbol design has designed house in otori, a small, two story wooden structure located on a m2 plot in osaka, japan for the interior spaces for example, the rhythmic intervals between the metal planks as they round the corners of the site negotiate zones by the roadside and courtyards, where only light

, Curragh brought the batten and board detailing inside, wrapping the kitchen and range hood in wood in a midcentury sort of touch The flooring was built from a burled cork engineered plank system Contemporary Exterior by Objects Ltd Objects Ltd A rigorous new building code now demands a high

, Shop Now Much has been written about the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham Multiple articles, and even an entire book, could be written to explain the various issues discussed during the event The purpose of this article is to focus on some of the many misrepresentations put forth by Bill Nye

, He used reclaimed stone, brick and dog eared cut slate on the outside and reclaimed beams, ceiling planks and flooring inside, all accented by the client s antiques Houzz at a Glance It s not hard to find the reclaimed wood there are many different dealers that specialize in this, Murphy says They will

, Honey toned tawa wood flooring has been repurposed from a s bungalow The slim line planks lend a fine elegance to the narrow footprint The tawa also features on the walls and sliding internal doors To save space, we specified no hinged doors, Peta says This door leads to the bathroom, where

, An older home s attic floorboards are a great source of reclaimed lumber.) The mirror frame is made of the same wood Although I Shopping List Aisling provided me with a thorough checklist of what I d need to procure for my project, with vendor and showroom suggestions and other tips on the app.

, The combination of cobalt blue glass tiles on the backsplash walls with the Teak and Holly wood nautical stripe floors are a match made in heaven The white of the The white oak wide plank flooring and the white glazed herringbone tile backsplash contribute to this pristine blue and white kitchen.

, Designer secret One defining thing in a room can really set the tone for the whole space The graphic black and white In this case the client really liked elongated things, so we used the wood looking tile planking and elongated subway tile to meet her design aesthetic. Take away There is no way to

, Everybody loves Daiso because everything in Daiso costs only S (S only in Japan)! With so many items for sale, Daiso is heaven for mummies like us looking for a good deal I ve always Photo credit Homeschool@SG Learn how to make this with Diaso wooden boards decorating tapes here!

, The plank shelves and the diminutive wooden sculptures form a very compelling visual whole the supported and the support telling a hieroglyphic story about invention by Here s a shot of Ray and Charles shown here After spending time with Charles daughter

, An admitted estate sale junkie shares her secrets for finding treasures at bargain prices I share my tips with you in hopes that you will discover your own prized items in your neck of the woods How to Be The sale turned out to have tables, racks and boxes full of beautiful linens at reasonable prices.

, To unify a whole house while giving each room its own distinctive mark, Gates suggests that rooms should relate to one another, but in no way do they Gates sought to modernize the traditional wood frames with modern bedding from Lulu DK for Matouk, crisp, tailored Roman shades, a striped rug and a

, He has inherited his father s acrophobia Strangely enough, he loves the flying fox but he can t walk across a wooden plank suspended a couple of meters off the ground Go figure The Forest Adventure in Bedok is a closed loop once you get on, there is no getting off until you complete the whole course.

, You will see from above the Gulf of Thailand, beautiful beaches, skyscrapers and the whole city of Pattaya Balancing yourself on a tiny wooden plank, just with a simple harness and a wire nailed into the mountain side, you can look down and enjoy the views of these truly ancient and magical mountain.

, It was all the simplicity money could buy, jokes architect Lewis Butler, who has remodeled more than of Wurster s homes in the San Francisco Bay Area He loved the house, and he loved the whole idea of it, says Butler Each wavy wooden finger is attached to a metal plate with a magnet.

Mar , In other rooms where stone isn t common, a wood floor is a reasonable compromise Save the area rugs for smaller accents, so the heat can mostly It is definitely possible to use a partial room heated floor and then tile the entire room to one finish However, keep in mind that, since radiant heating is

, I installed the Cherry wood planks which were in stock at my local Home Depot making sure to match all the lot s I acclimated the It appears to be one of those its cheaper to keep selling the product and refund the hand full of people who complain than stop selling or fix the product What does it

, Photos by Ryann Ford Photography Kitchen at a Glance Who lives here Stephen Pan, a physician, and Jen Pan, a literary specialist, their two young children, ages and , and the family pug Location Zilker neighborhood of Austin, Texas Size square feet ( square meters) feet, inches by

, For example, wooden planks that once took the form of shipping pallets were treated with the traditional Japanese scorched wood technique of shou sugi And you can t just put the same thing across the whole space It s easy to pick things off a shelf, and if it s off the shelf, someone else can buy it, too.

, In this San Francisco living room, orange, purple and brown come together to form a dynamic whole Dark wood Though perhaps less obvious, pairing dark wood with a dark hue is another form of low contrast color We think of wood tones as relative neutrals and use them that way, but if you match them