hardwood porch deck boards

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Oh and when it comes to the actual wood slat pattern, we re debating something cool like mitering the corners of all the border pieces so it looks like it s framed out (sort of like how the right edge of this deck looks) We re also thinking about placing the boards in a modern way, like this shot that we took at

, A board that is resistant to change might sound like a good idea, but it is a recipe for catastrophe You cannot fight moisture change in an exterior environment Especially a deck which is probably the harshest environment around for wood The best thing is a board that is flexible and will go with the flow

, Your steel tipped snow shovel will test the decking boards in the winter months as well The hardness of a board is determined by the ka test, when a steel ball approximately in diameter is pushed into the face grain of the board approximately deep The rating you see listed in wood charts is

, A In addition to the connection of the ledger board to the structure to support the vertical loads from a deck, the code requires that an exterior deck must be laterally connected to the main structure in at least locations with a tie down or other similar device that has a minimum of lb resistance.

, So not thousands like we would have spent otherwise to get this deck in working order.) How to reuse and re configure the pieces from your old deck and turn it The most time consuming thing was cutting down all the old boards to make the spindles We really thought the wood was in horrible shape and