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Exposed ceiling beams are an architectural feature that allows rooms to have higher ceilings or a decorative element that adds charm We ve noticed that aged wood The price of aged wood beams deterred Heather of The Heathered Nestuntil she discovered how to fake the look She and her husband used them to

Apr , A Vintage Design Detail That ll Never Go Out of Style You ve probably seen those pressed tin tiles gracing the ceilings of Victorian era buildings, but they also look great in all kinds of buildings, and in all kinds of spots besides just the You can also buy tin moldings to trim out the edge of a ceiling.

Mar , Some online sources recommend installing concrete backer board, or metal lath to your drywall before you put the brick on Others said that it was totally fine to install it was a wet tile saw and it worked SO well It was easy to control the cuts and worked especially well for the long cuts along the ceiling.

Mar , Metal tiles Tin ceiling tiles add an antique look and is a welcome alternative to typical dropped ceiling grids with ceiling tiles Industrial Living Room by Beard Riser Architects Beard Riser Architects Metal sheets For a more industrial look, currogated metal sheets are used as the ceiling material in this

May , The grid painting by artist M Novack that s below the Bankhead quote was done on an antique metal ceiling tile This was the first painting we ever bought The couple bought the large painting to the right of the window at an estate sale in Massachusetts The work, by Russian American artist Irwin D.

Feb , Or distressing it to make it more of an antique copper finish There s painting the tiles by hand so that each tile has an intricate range of colorsNOT! Ha Just kidding Way too many tiles for that Do any of you have any experience refinishing old tin ceiling tiles We want to do something that will look

Jul , Faux tin ceiling tiles are super affordable and easy to use on a kitchen island Since I sold much of what I had, including things that were on my walls, I ve been slowly trying to put things back together, which is a little tricky since I m I have an old wood rack that would work perfectly in my kitchen.

Feb , Original stone was left exposed in places Reclaimed lumber was made into furniture and used as decoration Replica tin ceiling tiles were installed overhead A historical classroom and territorial library on the second floor pay homage to the original Old North the first building dedicated to higher

May , Literally So, I ve been looking for alternatives to plain old plastering or sheetrocking Who doesn t love an antique tin ceiling Personally, I m loving ceiling tiles They aren t cheap and you ve gotta have lots of time on your hands to paint each tile to look like that, but I m just throwin around ideas here.

Material Steel tin ceiling panels made from steel View as slideshow Photo by Mark Weiss The original and still most widely used material Typically plated with tin, it has to be coated with paint or polyurethane to prevent rust It can also be plated with other metals, such as brass or copper, which may not require a top coat.

Jun , Will match existing old tiles, and produce custom tiles in old designs and sizes Glazed and unglazed tiles Reproductions of the Arts Crafts tile designs of Henry Chapman Mercer are still made and sold at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, now a museum offering tours Motawi Tileworks Motawi

Feb , I framed two tin ceiling tiles from the year old church where Husband and I were married Some people buy t shirts as souvenirs when they go on vacation I screwed in two large eyes into the top of each frame so I could hang the tiles back to back in from hooks I screwed into a ceiling joist.

Feb , DIY Faux Tin Tile Ceiling This is also after John took up the old adhesive floor tiles and trim, so at least that part wasn t quite this ugly before (SOLD!) Shipping was , so the whole ceiling only cost me about And the tiles were here a day and a half later that s the fastest shipping of anything

Dec , The sheets are then cut to the size of the backsplash area they re being installed on and applied with adhesive and tacks, based on the supplier s directions Sold in sheets from outfitters like The American Tin Ceiling Co x tiles start at Whether you re striving for vintage detailing or a modern

Trace your design (find pred n options at Country Accents Punched Pierced Tin) onto a sheet of paper the size of the panel you want to punch Metal Sheets metal sheets used as material to punch tin View as slideshow Photo by Bill Mazza Lavy recommends or gauge plated metal Try copper as a warmer

Aug , Our first idea involved attaching big sheets of something called eucaboard (from Home Depot) to the ceiling It was thin, it was We didn t buy all eight packs right away, because after the whole eucaboard debacle, we weren t sure if anything was going to work and we were skeered We took home one

Aug , Stripped the plaster off the brick, redid windows, window trim, ceiling, refinished floor, added a chandelier, a deskdone! Building February Before, you can see the condition of the brick wall The Finished Office! After Lovely brick! Windows and Ceiling Tile The old tin ceiling before The Finished

Apr , The first is to buy an antique with chippy paint as seen below wood work on settee The antique tin ceiling tiles, wood shelf and corbels are all very old with original paint (Be sure if you buy something with old paint that you test for lead paint and take precautions if needed.) antique corbels The table

There are many advantages to a metal roof but the year lifespan is probably the favorite Metal is a lighter material than shingles, too A professional roofer shared his top three reasons on Angie s List on why he liked using metal over shingles ) It saves having to fill up landfills with old shingles ) It ultimately

Jul , antique and vintage finds, as well as the random stuff you would find at anyone s garage sale At the end of the weekend, my loot consisted of vintage tourism postcards for my collection, earrings made from old keys, a scarf, and a decorative wall hanging made from old tin ceiling tiles Vintage postcards.

You can typically find crates at yard sales and flea markets, or check your local Craigslist If you can t find any crates, Vintage Ceiling Tiles Subject in front of Vintage Ceiling Tiles Lately, everyone is in love with vintage tin ceilings from farm houses Tin tiles have been turned into frames, mirrors, back splashes, and more.

But you can make your own laminate counters, cabinets, and wall panels with the sheets and backerboards sold at a home center How much care The raised pattern on this laminate evokes a pressed tin ceiling panel MirroFlex Annapolis, starting at about per sq ft Advanced Technology Inc F Wavy metal.

Metal tile center panels, inch square sheet, about The American Tin Ceiling Company But you don t have to buy a whole extra set of ornaments Photo by David Price Holiday wreaths can be as unique as the DIYers who hang them Here at This Old House, we like tools A lot So, we attached beautiful antique