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Dec , A party s complete failure to provide preliminary notice to the owner, prime contractor and construction lender is fatal to a mechanic s lien in Arizona Two interesting tidbits are that ) the lien filing deadline is the same no matter what role the potential lien claimant had on the project, and ) the deadline

Sep , The QS engaged by the client and the contractor s QS have different parts to play in any construction project, with the contractor s QS role extending beyond traditional measurement activities, to encompass day to day tasks of commercial building activities including estimating, contract administration, and

May , A few years ago, a case addressing whether construction managers needed a contractor s license to do business made waves in California The case, The Fifth Day LLC v James P Bolotin, et al, surprised many when a California appeals court held that the state s strong public policy favoring contractor

Oct , The architects have role in suggesting and choosing the contractors for different activities of construction After receiving the tender, the architect carries out a tender analysis report These results are compared with the client s expectations and budget What type of work the architect is engaged is based on

May , The construction industry frequently sees big, well funded organizations contracting with smaller, capital needy companies, and it s no secret that subcontractors must navigate substantial working capital challenges For this reason, the construction industry has well established prompt payment laws in

Jan , A Watts is Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Compliance Officer and Secretary at Granite Construction, one of the largest infrastructure contractors and construction materials producers in the U.S At Granite, Watts is responsible for delivering the corporation s effective and

An experienced architect or contractor acting as construction manager would be a good choice if you don t feel equipped to handle this responsibility yourself It s a triangle If architects and builders can be cats and dogs, let s not forget you that the relationship is really a triangle with you, the owner, as the third point You, in

Dec , Construction litigation often seeks to foist the culpable conduct of contractors and subcontractors upon an owner or developer of commercial or residential real property Sometimes, such conduct is warranted, especially when the owner developer has a significant role in the manner in which the

May , There are different preliminary notice requirements for different projects and contractor roles Prime contractors need to provide notice to the property owner on an owner occupied residential project to identify subcontractors or suppliers Subcontractors and laborers on an owner occupied residential project

Mar , Pay When Paid clauses, however, is a very popular risk shifting clause that has some traction and effectiveness in the construction industry The purpose of the clause is to make payment for services or materials contingent upon the receipt of payment up the contracting chain So, if a prime contractor

Jan , Accounts Receivable Management reference for credit managers and controllers in the construction and building material supply industries for the credit health of the underlying construction project and other parties on the project (i.e the lenders, the sureties, the general contractors and owners).

Apr , These laws are a responsive creation to the complexity of most construction projects, which involve multiple parties, delays, interfaces and more The retainage concept has two general purposes () To provide an incentive to the contractor or subcontractor to complete the project and () To give the owner

May , The deadline to send the Florida Notice to Owner is dependent on your role in the construction project While the preliminary notice Sub subcontractors are required to send the Notice to owner to the property owner, the general contractor, and the subcontractor who hired them A general rule of thumb is

Sep , Construction firms large and small need to understand their roles and responsibilities for communicating safety hazards at construction sites For example, when the property owner is also the general contractor, this firm could be the host employer, controlling employer and, if their employees are

Dec , General Contractors don t always have to send preliminary notice Often, GCs are on the receiving end of preliminary notices sent by sub tier parties like subcontractors and material suppliers However, some states require GCs to send preliminary notice to the property owner and or the construction lender.

Sep , Prepare and update project schedule based on the contract Set work program and target milestones for each phase based on the project plan Monitor critical activities based on the project schedule and advise project management Prepares and submit updated work program and cash flow curve showing

May , The modern quantity surveyor (QS) plays a central role in the management of construction projects, although the exact nature of the role depends on who employs the QS The Professional Quantity Surveyor engaged by the client and the Contractor s Quantity Surveyor have different roles to play in any

Apr , Even when violations are documented, they rarely play a role in contracting decisions The Labor Department tried to address the problem in with a rule that would have required federal contractors to disclose wage and safety violations and come into compliance with the law if they wanted to keep

During the development of construction documents, an interim milestone should be established to transition responsibility for the model development from the Determining which design assist contractors to add to the team during the design phase should be based on the complexity and risk factors for the specific project.

Sep , The long answer Arizona requires that general contractors send preliminary notice to the owner and construction lender Subcontractors and material suppliers are required to deliver notice to the owner, the prime contractor, and the construction lender Arizona also requires that the Day Preliminary

Oct , In most circumstances, it s easy to determine your role and tier in a construction project It is possible to the owner But a subcontractor to a subcontractor (a sub sub), likely needs to send notice to the owner and the general contractor Determining Your Role Tier on a Construction Project It s clear now

Jan , Lien waivers are an important component of the payment process for parties on all sides of construction projects No matter what your role is on a project property owner, general contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, etc you have probably encountered a lien waiver If you haven t, you will.

Dec , Further, construction companies must maintain positive cash flow to ensure access to capital, bonding capacity, and to meet contractor qualification criteria and resources, directs the Construction Payment Blog, protects zlien s interests and intellectual property, and performs general counsel duties.

Nov , After all, entire responsibility of any construction project is on the shoulders of general contractors The D D information rich intelligent models are being appreciated by contractors The th dimension Time and th dimension cost estimation play a vital role for General Contractors in winning the bid

Apr , A recent Missouri case provides some clarification on the definition of terms related to project roles in that state, and how that applies to the specific notice The lien claimant (Bazin) acknowledged that it failed to provide the original contractor notice required by Missouri s Construction Lien Law, V.A.M.S

His or her role is to design prepare the specifications and produce the construction d ings administer the contract tender the works and manage the works from inception to completion There are direct contractual links between the architect s client (school district) and the main contractor Subcontractors have a direct