slip resistant trailer decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jun , Skycasters allows deploying an auto acquire antenna on a trailer, for remote communications, rather than on a vehicle (van, bus, mobile command rides between the rear mechanical utility box and the removable front electronics box on an ultra strong boxed aluminum frame with diamond plate decking.

Feb , A special mobile kitchen provides an impact resistant food service trailer and a rapid deployment, containerized field kitchen unit which can be quickly In the illustrative embodiment, the composite skid comprises a collapsible deck and staircase assembly which has two collapsible, adjustable and

Aug , B with an upper tier of vehicle support members positioned to form a ramp from the trailer unit to the truck unit FIG is a simplified is a cut away view of an embodiment of a telescopic screw actuator including a slip clutch establishing a minimum screw rotating torque FIG is a cut away view of a

Jul , A mobile All Hazards Receipt Facility (AHRF) is provided in an enclosure suitable for mounting on a base vehicle such as a semi trailer The AHRF includes a AHRF has an interior floor that provides a monolithic, anti slip surface, and is chemically resistant throughout To provide such a surface,

Oct , A towable elevatable stand includes a platform that is always elevated above a trailer bed to at least a minimum elevation, but can be easily raised to selected a simple elevating apparatus produce a light weight, cost effective stand that is easy to use, tow and maintain, and which minimizes wind resistance.

Jan , Not as funky as some of the European silo conversions we ve seen, The Silo room at Gruene features a material palette of stone and wood, and the From the kitchen countertop to the bathroom floor, natural stone is easy to clean with mild dish soap and water, is naturally slip resistant, and is one of the

Jul , The surface characteristics of hardwoods such as high wear resistance and slip resistance are most desirable The strength and stiffness of the flooring is important for efficient and safe transfer of the applied loads to the cross members of the trailer The shock resistance of wood is useful to withstand any