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Jul , The effect of two different antioxidants, EDTA and green tea extract (GTE), used individually or in combination, on the light induced oxidation of reduced fat soft cheeses ( and fat) was investigated In samples with fat, lipid hydroperoxides as primary lipid oxidation products were not detected, but

Feb , EGCG displayed antioxidant activity at pH throughout the study however at pH , pro oxidant activity was seen in EGCG containing emulsions, with and without BPY This study attempts to Antioxidant and Pro Oxidant Activities of Green Tea Polyphenols in Cancer Prevention Ling Tao , Joshua D.

Apr , The most important strategy in slowing this process is via the intervention of radical trapping antioxidants (RTAs), which are abundant in nature and included as additives to almost every petroleum derived product as well as several other commercial products Accordingly, a longstanding objective of many

Mar , The aim of this study is to demonstrate the enhanced therapeutic efficacy of anticancer drugs on drug resistant breast cancer using multicomponent microemulsions (ECG MEs) as an oral delivery system The etoposide loaded ECG MEs were composed of coix seed oil and ginsenoside Rh (G Rh), both

Jul , Here we investigated the effect of cisplatin on the expression of ABC proteins in human colon cancer cells Short term incubation of Caco and LST cells with cisplatin resulted in up regulation of several ABC pumps, in particular MRP and BCRP In partially cisplatin resistant cells (LST R) obtained

Sep , In this study, the antioxidant and antiangiogenic activities of a ethanol extract (EE) obtained from the sclerotium of PTR were investigated Typical Protective effects of kaempferol against reactive oxygen species induced hemolysis and its antiproliferative activity on human cancer cells Wenzhen Liao

Aug , Growth Inhibitory Effects of Pigmented Rice Bran Extracts and Three Red Bran Fractions against Human Cancer Cells Relationships with Composition and Antioxidative Activities Ming Hsuan Genome wide Association Mapping of Polyphenol Contents and Antioxidant Capacity in Whole Grain Rice.

Jun , The ORAC values of most of the fractions correlated (R p lt .) with the antiproliferative activity of the three cancer cell lines, suggesting that higher antioxidant activity leads to better antiproliferative activity However, further mechanistic and human clinical studies of the anticancer activity of loach

Aug , This study assesses the pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of Nrf mediated increased expression of phase II drug metabolizing enzymes (DME) and antioxidant enzymes which represents an important component of cancer chemoprevention in rat lymphocytes following intravenous (iv)

Sep , With the aim to prospect an innovative valorization of these byproducts, the aerial parts were harvested in May and October and analyzed for their chemical profile, antioxidant properties, and effects on viability of five cancer cell lines Pinocembrin was the main constituent A significant protection of lipid

Jul , A novel cell targeting, pH sensitive polymeric carrier was employed in this study for delivery of the anticancer drug bortezomib (BTZ) to cancer cells Our strategy is based on Antioxidant and Adsorption Properties of Bioinspired Phenolic Polymers A Comparative Study of Catechol and Gallol Kan Zhan

May , The antihypertensive effect of the compounds is attributed to the strongest binding affinity to angiotensin II type receptor and not to the antioxidant effects The cytotoxic activity of the complex and that of its components was determined against lung cancer cell line A and three prostate cancer cell lines

Oct , Antioxidant Properties of Heterocyclic Intermediates of the Maillard Reaction and Structurally Related Compounds For this purpose, five methods were selected including photometrical methods such as the trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity assay and an electron Seminars in Cancer Biology ,

Jan , In this work, resveratrol, a natural polyphenol with antioxidant activity and cancer chemopreventive propertyies is employed as the reducing agent cum coating agent for the surfactant free preparation of Au@resveratrol hollow NPs (Au@Res HNPs) The as prepared Au@Res HNPs were found to present

Jun , Extracts from fruit pulps of six female cultivars and two hermaphrodite Portuguese carob trees [(Ceratonia siliqua L Fabaceae)] exhibited strong antioxidant activity and were rich in phenolic compounds The extracts decreased the viability of different human cancer cell lines on a dose and time dependent

Sep , Drug resistance is a major impediment to effective treatment of breast cancer Compared to normal cells, cancer cells have an increased antioxidant potential due to an increased ratio of reduced to oxidized glutathione (GSH GSSG) This is known to confer therapeutic resistance Here, we have identified a

Dec , Laboratory of Metabolism, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland , United States The antioxidant tempol was shown to prevent or reduce weight gain and modulate the gut microbiota community in mice however, the mechanism by which tempol modulates weight gain loss with respect

Jul , The chemical composition and radical scavenging activity of wood samples from main Spanish olive cultivars were studied The wood samples were collected during the pruning works from trees growing under the same agronomical and environmental conditions The ethyl acetate extracts were

Oct , The chemistry explaining EO antioxidant activity is discussed along with an analysis of the potential in food protection Study of Green Sub and Supercritical Processes to Obtain Carnosic Acid and Carnosol Enriched Rosemary Extracts with in Vitro Anti Proliferative Activity on Colon Cancer Cells.

Nov , Oxidative stress occurs when cellular reactive oxygen species levels exceed the self antioxidant capacity of the body Oxidative stress induces many pathological changes, including inflammation and cancer Chronic inflammation is believed to be strongly associated with the major stages of carcinogenesis

Sep , Green tea antioxidants were found to reduce carbonylation of proteins by lipid peroxidation end products most, followed by advanced glycation end products Impact of Tumor Removal on the Systemic Oxidative Profile of Patients With Breast Cancer Discloses Lipid Peroxidation at Diagnosis as a Putative

Jul , In this paper, we report a dissertation on the current knowledge of selected synthetic HTyr derivatives and analogues and their potential use in cancer prevention and therapy, which are related to their antioxidant, antiproliferative apoptotic, and anti inflammatory properties On the basis of the perspective of

Apr , Spent coffee grounds (SCG) were extracted with an environmentally friendly procedure and analyzed to evaluate the recovery of relevant natural antioxidants for use as nutritional supplements, foods, or cosmetic additives SCG were characterized in terms of their total phenolic content by the

Jul , Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) were covalently coated with antioxidant molecules, namely, caffeic acid (MSN CAF) or rutin (MSN RUT), in order to diminish the impact of oxidative stress induced after transfection into cells, thus generating safer carriers used for either drug delivery or other

Oct , Acquiring a highly efficient antioxidant with good biocompatibility is of significance in eliminating the deleterious effect induced by the oxidative stress Tocopherol as functional excipient for resveratrol and coenzyme Q loaded SNEDDS for improved bioavailability and prophylaxis of breast cancer.

May , In the past, antioxidants were used primarily to control oxidation and retard spoilage, but today many are used because of putative health benefits However, the traditional HDACis (class I), cancer stem cell, and phytochemicals Cancer therapy and prevention implications Sahar Bayat , Mahmoud