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Oct , If you happened to miss that post, click here to see the tour of Shaw Floors Shaw offered four different flooring products for us to choose from Floorte′waterproof vinyl flooring, LifeGuard waterproof carpet, the cut a rug program which allows you to bind carpet to create a custom area rug, or engineered

Jul , A wall system, particularly for thin stone or thin brick veneer walls, has a plurality of stones or bricks with grooves running along the upper and lower edges and a plurality of clips for linking the stones or bricks One type of clip having one or more connecting flanges links an upper stone or brick to a lower

Aug , Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank I started looking at this particular material after seeing it in a model home I noticed that it didn t have that laminate sound but looked SO realistic When I started researching I learned that This Shaw Resilient Vinyl is warranted not to stain or wear through, will not fade as a result of

Nov , The boat, which is vast and offers many floors to explore, truly feels alive thanks to such figures as African American freedom fighter Grace Walker, cantankerous Scottish soldier Fergus Reid and even Engel s own daughter Sigrun, who defected from the Nazis after being shamed by her mother over her


Apr , What is nice is that I can throw this on the floor and even probably stomp on it this is a plastic display so it will not break from throwing it on the floor I think that is enough reasons for people to want this Quite frankly, I think manufacturers are being a bit over conservative right now This could be in the

Jan , Described herein is a monolithic flooring system that includes cove elements that are shaped to provide a transition between floor and wall such that a floor coating may be installed over the cove elements and sub flooring to create a unitary floor cove covering making for a surface that is more sanitary and

May , A method and apparatus for near real time in situ soil solution measurements is presented An outer sleeve is placed in soil where ionic concentrations of organic or inorganic species are to be measured A porous section connects with the outer sleeve (the porous section initially loaded with distilled water)

Jul , Judge Yake found that the tenants lost the entire use of their basement for five months and the use of a large portion of their main floor for two months that the owner ensure that housing premises are (i) structurally sound, (ii) in a safe condition, (iii) in good repair, and (iv) maintained in a waterproof,

Aug , (I know, still the smartest guy on the factory floor! Woot!) Apple s last, and highest peak was They ve never been down more than B B per quarter since then, even during their quarters of declines I mean, I guess you could be completely confused and trying to compare quarters from different

Apr , Okay everyone, today we are going to take a step forward in my procrastinating blogger life and show you part of our current living room, with my new living room flooring GASP! I know, I am patting myself on the back too! We ve lived here for almost months and while we have taken HUGE strides forward,

Apr , Try a hammock and floor cushions Additional furniture, storage or the height for a loft may not be needed Lofts may be impractical with age or Waterproofing the lower third of the walls may be sufficient Once a shower curtain is dry, tie it back into a corner to create more space In a bathroom, add a

Aug , I wonder how many people have even heard of Neatsfoot Oil, except for people who need waterproof, or supple, leather Report comment Reply jawnhenry says August , at am But chicken fingers do come from chickens! Report comment Reply Jan says August , at pm.

Jun , The reason for the Model X s enhanced protection is because of the car s all electric architecture and powertrain design. Mounted beneath the floor of the Model X is a fortified battery pack, which creates a low centre of gravity According to Tesla, this leads to the lowest rollover probability of any SUV on

Jul , I don t believe in ruling out any foods As soon as you do that, in my experience, you are bound to think of nothing but forbidden delicacies all day long, until you inevitably crack and eat whatever you swore you wouldn t on the kitchen floor at o clock in the morning Rather, I like to make a practice of eating

May , The coating makes the sink body tougher, denser, waterproof and gives it a high sheen this as I especially like the off white warmth of fireclay another durable clay used for sanitaryware that withstands firing temperatures up to degrees F Shaw s has made fireclay sinks a trademark for kitchens.

Apr , I love that the weather is warming up! We have a patio off of the back of the house which we utilize as an outdoor room in the spring, summer and fall We spend a lot of time in this space, weather permitting It s not a pretty sight by the time winter ends Blah! The Lowe s Creative Ideas challenge this month is