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Dec , In the pentablocks, physical cross linking was achieved by crystallization of the end blocks followed by vitrification of the adjacent glassy blocks, forming composite crystalline glassy hard domains All of the polymers studied exhibited desirable mechanical behavior for TPEs, including low Young s modulus

Oct , A method for closing and healing a wound in a composite comprising a matrix of thermoset polymer, programmed shape memory polymer fiber that contracts Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structure, ] studied the influence of cold hibernation on the shape memory properties of PU

In situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles bacterial cellulose composites for slow released antimicrobial wound dressing J Wu, Y Zheng, W Song, J Luan, X Wen, Z Wu, X Chen, Q Wang, S Guo Carbohydrate polymers , , , Multiprocessors and runtime compilation J Saltz, H Berryman, J Wu.

Synthesis and characterization of fiber reinforced polymer scaffolds based on natural fibers and polymer for bone tissue engineering application S Mobini, M Solati Hashjin, H Peirovi, A Samadikuchaksaraei IRANIAN JOURNAL of BIOTECHNOLOGY (), , , Tissue Engineering and Regenerative

Jul , Aminopolymer Mobility and Support Interactions in Silica PEI Composites for CO Capture Applications A Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Study Adam Holewinski , Miles A Sakwa Novak , Jan Michael Y Carrillo , Matthew E Potter , Nathan Ellebracht , Gernot Rother , Bobby G Sumpter , and Christopher

DY Kim, DZ Reinstein, RH Silverman, DJ Najafi, SC Belmont, AP Hatsis, American journal of ophthalmology (), , , Out time effects on cure kinetics and viscosity for an out of autoclave (OOA) prepreg Modelling and monitoring D Kim, T Centea, SR Nutt Composites Science and Technology

Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry (), , , Thermal, rheological, and mechanical properties of a polymer composite cured at different isothermal cure temperatures S Alavi Soltani, S Sabzevari, Modeling of gelation and vitrification points for polymer composites using shear rheometry.

Jan , Fragility Confinement Effects Apparent Universality as a Function of Scaled Thickness in Films of Freely Deposited, Linear Polymer and Its Absence in Densely Vitrification of PLA by fast scanning calorimetry Towards unique glass above critical cooling rate Journal of Polymer Research (),

Sep , Enhancement of Surface Wettability by Incorporating Polar Initiator Fragments at Chain Ends of Low Molecular Weight Polymers Lanhe Zhang and John M Combining Nonadhesive Materials into Microstructured Composite Surfaces Induces Cell Adhesion and Spreading Maritza Mu?iz Maisonet

Journal of Minerals Materials Chara Engg , , In vitro maturation of buffalo immature oocyte after vitrification with combination of ethylene glycol and dimethyl sulfoxide SP Deshmukh, CH Nanocellulose Polymer Composites for Applications in food Packing Current Status, Future Prospects, and Challenges.

Apr , Low temperature processing of polymer nanoparticles for bioactive composites Xiang Li , Jie Xu , Dan Wang , Ye Sha , Wei Chen , Dongshan Zhou , Xiaoliang Wang , Qing Sun , Gi Xue , Linling Li Journal of Polymer Science Part B Polymer Physics ,

Apr , Here, the effects of confinement on local dynamics, chain size, and entanglement density are combined to calculate polymer diffusion (Drep,z) along the cylindrical pore according to Effect of geometric curvature on vitrification behavior for polymer nanotubes confined in anodic aluminum oxide templates.

May , Origin of fullerene induced vitrification of fullerene donor polymer photovoltaic blends and its impact on solar cell performance Paul Westacott , Neil D Treat , Jaime Martin , James H Bannock , John C de Mello , Michael Chabinyc , Alexander B Sieval , Jasper J Michels , Natalie Stingelin Journal of

Photoalignment of a Nematic Liquid Crystal Fluid and Glassy Nematic Oligofluorenes on Coumarin Containing Polymer Films A Trajkovska Effects of central core and pendant group on vitrification and morphological stability SH Chen, JC Methods of making composite optical devices employing polymer liquid crystal.

Jan , Interfacial Free Volume and Vitrification Reduction in Tg in Proximity of an Adsorbing Interface Explained by the Free Volume Holes Diffusion Model Simone Napolitano and Daniele Furusawa , Naoki Sasaki Journal of Polymer Science Part B Polymer Physics ( polb.v),

A micro macro combined approach using FEM for modelling of machining of FRP composites Cutting forces analysis A Mkaddem, I Edge machining effects on the failure of polymer matrix composite coupons P Ghidossi, M Process variability in honing of cylinder liner with vitrified bonded diamond tools L Sabri, M El

May , Quantum chemical calculations of the excited states of new Eu(III) complexes and some conjugated polymers showed that poly(N vinylcarbazole) provides the most efficient energy transfer in polymer films doped with synthesized Eu(III) complexes These new composite films were prepared, and their

Aug , Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Silica Nanoparticle in Oligomeric Poly(methyl methacrylate) A Model System for Studying the Interphase Thickness in a Polymer Nanocomposite via Different Properties Hossein Eslami , Mohammad Rahimi , and Florian Müller Plathe Macromolecules ,

Mar , Vitrification and Density Scaling of Polyurea at Pressures up to GPa Timothy C Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Grafted Nanoparticle Composites from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Gregory D Journal of Polymer Science Part B Polymer Physics ( polb.v.),

Journal of applied polymer science (), , , Post Vitrification Cure Kinetics of High Temperature Composite Resins Implications for Characterization and Performance AJ Guenthner, JT Reams, CM Sahagun, MC Davis, JM Mabry AIR FORCE RESEARCH LAB EDWARDS AFB CA AEROSPACE

May , The antioxidant activity and vitrification property of these pigments are thought to be requisite for the desiccation and rehydration processes in anhydrobiotes In this review, the multiple roles of photosynthetic pigments and sunscreen pigments on stress resistance, especially from the viewpoint of their

Modeling of gelation and vitrification points for polymer composites using shear rheometry SR Alavi Soltani, SM Sabzevari, A Mousavi, B Minaie Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, , Method and system for the determination of volumes of vacuum chambers and equilibrium times

, In situ investigation of the dynamic response of energetic materials using IMPULSE at the Advanced Photon Source KJ Ramos, BJ Jensen, AJ Iverson, JD Yeager, CA Carlson, Journal of Physics Conference Series , , , Nanoindentation of explosive polymer composites to simulate

May , Theory of Yielding, Strain Softening, and Steady Plastic Flow in Polymer Glasses under Constant Strain Rate Deformation Kang Chen and Effect of Particle Size, Temperature, and Deformation Rate on the Plastic Flow and Strain Hardening Response of PMMA Composites Josef Jancar , Robert S.

Macro and micro cellular porous ceramics from preceramic polymers P Colombo, E Bernardo Composites Science and Technology , , , Chemical durability of silicon oxycarbide glasses GD Sorarù, S Modena, E Guadagnino, P Colombo, J Egan, C Pantano Journal of the American

Journal of Polymer Science Part B Polymer Physics (), , , Rheological, mechanical and thermal behaviour of wood polymer composites based on recycled polypropylene A Ares Isothermal curing by dynamic mechanical analysis of three epoxy resin systems gelation and vitrification J López