modern exterior double doors

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jul , I needed to replace the sliders, but I did not want to just put new generic double doors in their place I wanted something that would look like it will be picking a color for your new front doors Link See our story about new styles of mid century modern style front doors recently introduced by Therma Tru

Nov , We love the lime green border of the double glass door on this Austin area home designed by architect Steve Zagorski The zingy Seattle based Elemental Design used Benjamin Moore Blaze Orange paint for the front door on this modern home with corrugated steel siding and Zen like landscaping.

French doorways are among the most desirable to homeowners due in large part to their effortless elegance They re different than other doorways in that they re built from two layers, which allows for opening both inwards and outwards Read on to learn more about the various types of exterior double doors available to

This is a good example of a modern wooden sliding barn door that uses black hardware These double This kitchen uses double sliding doors with Asian inspired glass panels (frosted) The frame is Wood and glass in horizontal panels you can t beat it for a modern room and it goes with almost everything Source

Nov , Look how much more friendly and inviting the house seems now with the new front window installed in the dining room And notice how the double front door with glass planes lets even more light into the house Instead of a solid brick wall there is now a slatted wooden fence that adds to the openness.

This Long Island beach home may not be directly on the water but it truly brings the outdoors inside the home with the garage door style side of the home To fit with modern architecture, this house makes a strategic use of materials to create visual interest With a few (removable) pops of color, this space is truly pleasing to

Nov , In the early s, modern design was having a moment From to Scripted house numbers were another popular midcentury feature, along with the bright teal blue color seen here on the entry doors Double front doors were also common, such as these on one of the custom built residences.

Nov , The style throughout the home is a natural, modern vibe But the living room, as is typical of bungalows built in the s s, is directly off the front door and the traffic must go through one side of it to reach the kitchen, which is partially open to the living room and front of the house It makes it a little tough to

Feb , Blue is certainly a popular choice for entry doors, and it s no wonder It invokes a sense of calm, and who among us couldn t do with just a little more of that in our homes Contemporary Entry by ilumus photography marketing ilumus photography marketing Red is another top choice From apple red to

Mar , Barn doors are very practical for any dwelling they are sliding, so they won t take much space, look chic and very modern, even if these are rustic ones Today I d like to share some ideas for you to rock such doors in your interiors, so let s have a look at the most popular examples.

Sep , They are also handy for storage, especially for linens and blankets in a bedroom or toys in a child s room or playroom Flat topped versions can double as tables and seats Modern Exterior by Ruhl Walker Architects Ruhl Walker Architects Adirondack chairs The popularity of Adirondack chairs has not

Sep , Elegant Double Winding Stairs Into Large Round Foyer If you are one of those With modern interior decoration taking the world by storm, today we give you modern front entrance ideas that will surely impress one and all Make your point of entrance pop with great decorations for the front door.

Sep , Sun blocking screens help you stay cool, play with light and create a stunning modern exterior Usually defined as a permanent architectural element, it has the double benefit of mitigating the harsh sun and heat while simultaneously providing visual interest to a facade Major credit for these sun blocking

Sep , If you have a rustic exterior home, or like the sleek and modern contemporary lines of wood garage doors look to Cedar, Hemlock, and Larch as wood varieties to consider From traditional carriage doors for individual doors to double sided contemporary varieties, there is no limit to your creativity!

Nov , Other window styles that work well in a contemporary home are fixed, sliding, and casement windows Fixed windows do not open and provide great Double doors with arched windows, wood or wrought iron grilles, and Old World elegance are features to look for Door colors often boast dark and rich

Nov , Studio William Hefner A hallmark of these glazing systems is the minimal amount of framing material needed for structural integrity Wood frames for glass doors must be considerably larger, adding a lot of visual weight to the door Steel frames can be very light and thin due to the strength of the material.

Jan , See How Light Filled Shojis Create Serene Spaces for Modern Homes Coordinating panels top these double cross grid doors Notice how well they accommodate the high ceiling This shoji inspired front door and side panels work well with modern architecture and furnishings Have you used shoji in

Jun , Heather s Washington home includes these modern double barn doors accented by a vintage red and brown rug adafedbdba An old horse stall door This stylish laundry room renovation includes a salvaged wood barn door to separate the storage room from the main space.