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One of my goals for the Kuppersmith Project house was to make the exterior of the home as low maintenance as possible To achieve that end, we used composite material from MiraTEC that s treated with zinc borate for rot and termite resistance as the fascia boards on the eaves Blocking had to be added to the new

Apr , The present invention more particularly provides a high density material comprising tungsten, fiber and binder Cost Analysis for Munitions Rule prepared by the U.S Army Concepts Analysis Agency indicate the cost to remediate an outdoor small arms range is approximately , per acre.

Dec , Another feature to enhance the thermal properties of the PCM composite is the addition of a solar absorption surface to the exterior of the composite material By absorbing solar radiation and converting it to heat, the solar absorption surface acts to regenerate the PCM in a warming garment In its simplest

May , A new composite stronger than steel, but so light it floats on water could revolutionize bike frames Fifteen times stronger than steel yet it floats on water, it s a wonder material for outdoors manufacturers And next year, expect to see it in bike frames Dyneema Carbon Hybrid Composites Don t think this

Aug , Additionally, the pigments and cellulosic additives in the wood thermoplastic composite material, as disclosed in the patent, run and or fade when exposed to outdoor conditions The wood fiber itself is prone to color shift when exposed to ordinary weathering forces, usually shifting to a weathered grey

Apr , This layer is incredibly thin, measuring m, which is enough to act as a dielectric but its significance is that the composite thermal performance of the material is very high at W mK Nanoceramic also overcomes the two issues that prevent standard MCPCBs from being used Uniquely, it can be

May , The fabric has the qualities of being waterproof, breathable, and elastic and possess a number of other qualities which are highly desirable in action namely, membrane and lining , while not inherently elastic, are sufficiently stretchable so as not to inhibit the elasticity of the composite fabric .

Nov , Particularly, the present invention relates to composite materials for the construction of apparel constructed having a series of layers, with properties that combine to provide water repellency, waterproofness, breathability, antimicrobial function, high insulation from outside temperature, body heat reflection,

Jan , Method of producing an elastic composite material comprising the step of impregnating a fiber fabric with a liquid epoxy system comprising a epoxy system remains in a rubbery state up to temperatures of C and the composite material can be used for outdoor applications during winter conditions.

Sep , Here s how it would work An airplane component (like the wing) is made out of a composite material that has been coated with a thin layer of nanosensors This coating They can be portable power sources, capturing energy from outside sources like the sun and retaining that energy They even can be

May , They went with brand composite materials for the build, because is virtually maintenance free, meaning the homeowners won t ever need to seal, brighten or strip the decking The ledger board was fastened to the brick, which is already constantly exchanging moisture with the outside world.

Feb , In particular, the present invention contemplates the nonwoven composite fabric used to make the garment is prepared by combining at least two separate nonwoven webs forming the inside and outside layers of the garment An optional rip stop element such as a loosely knitted fabric may be sandwiched