plastic roof for pergola

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Dec , Corrugated plastic surrounds a sunroom at one end of this timber framed residence by Japanese architect Yoshichika Takagi The two house shaped bedrooms are slotted between the living space and the sloping roof overhead similar to another house that the architect designed in the city.

Feb , UPDATE See how I repaired this Lazy Hill Dovecote here How To Repair a Woodpecker Damaged Roof of a Lazy Hill Dovecote Birdhouse Birdhouse I would like to put mine in a flower bed close to the house, but I m afraid cats could climb up the pergola and get on the roof and jump to the birdhouse.

Jun , The T shape extension works as an umbrella above the living space supporting the terrace on one side and creating a parking roof on the other side The roof over the parking and ramp is a cantilevered pergola covered with Perspex panels in a light green color The connection between the existing villa

Vinyl or PVC can be painted however, it may require additional preparation and or special paint (like Fusion for Plastic from Krylon) to ensure proper results We recommend you research Use as venting for your gable front porch roof Looking for enclosure ideas Use as a garden arbor or vinyl lattice screen trellis

Feb , An aesthetic pool enclosure of modular design includes cover members that hide from view various utilitarian structural components such as bolts, screws, rubber splines for holding screens, and the like The structure is made of extruded posts and beams and interlocking members for interlocking the posts

Nov , Work continues over the succeeding weekends with the clear plastic roof (recycled from our old rain shelters) installed on half of the roof and new opaque ones on the rest, towards the back and above where the quarantine pond is The clear section of the roof and big windows will allow a good amount of

Nov , A system of structural elements for a pergola structure including vertical posts supporting a roof formed of carrying rails supported by the posts and cross fiberglass or various forms of plastic elements, often as shells encasing metal, fiberglass or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) structural elements assembled by,

Mar , Plastic, wood, composite, and metal materials, for example, have been used in the past for the construction of pergolas, but the method of connection and a top structure where snow load may be substantially reduced due to the A frame shape of the horizontal strip, such as with a winter home style roof.

Feb , The awning is fabricated from a rigid plastic material and formed in an accordion like structure A combination retractable and expandable roof covering assembly and sukkah structure wherein the sukkah structure comprises four vertical walls aligned to form an interior of the sukkah structure and an open

Wooden and plastic garden sheds are the growing trends decorating outdoor living spaces Gable roof designs look familiar and charming Garden sheds can be decorated with flowers and outdoor furniture, pergolas and decks to add not just functional, but very beautiful and decorative accents to backyard designs.