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Nov , Flooring can beautify your space Whether your porch is concrete, wood, or tile a colorful floor will make your porch come alive For concrete consider staining the floor to Small porch, big ideas You may be limited by your space but you don t have to be limited by your ideas If you have a covered porch,

In this modern world a builder faces a lot of challenges in the construction of a house or buildings to complete Now a day s a modern house or a building which is eco friendly, energy saving and low cost etc .Such sort of problems are creating much stress to builders Construction solution provides Interior Exterior

Aug , The exterior of your home will mimic the form of the interior designs that you have chosen Maybe you are an artist who chose large windows because you need natural lighting to paint create Maybe you needed a granny suite over the garage, so the exterior of the home has a dormer in order to make the

Doors inside your house have similar role We see them as something that divides different living spaces, separates private rooms from, let s call them less private ones, like living room and dining room where you usually entertain your guests While that is true, doors inside your home will give up your personality along

Or more realistically, One Weekend of Tiling Turns into Three Weeks on a Hot Patio. I m gonna fix the hot Oh hey, did we mention we re now Handyman Bloggers for Lowes Creative Ideas Well, we are And in my Well, with the help from Lowe s I think it makes for a good postand a better porch The porch is kinda

Interlocking deck tile pattern My favorite you can create your own design! You can run a unique border around the perimeter of your porch, you can create elaborate designs down the middle, or simply mix and match to your heart s content Installation can be quick If you are laying the tiles over concrete or other solid

Jun , Thinset is often installed with a notched trowel, and not all tiles including many marble sheet tiles can reach percent coverage Traditional by By Any Design Ltd By Any Design Ltd Maintenance In my opinion marble should be sealed with a quality sealer and maintained on a regular basis.

Aug , Try at home Add outdoor curtains for quick screening Mounting a curtain rod and hanging fabric of your choice can be a useful design trick for making a porch feel more intimate or screening unwanted views It s much faster than waiting for shrubs to fill in and more cost effective than adding fencing.

Mar , thermal mass, passive house, passive home, passive home renovation, passive design features Read more Off grid And let s be honest, you ve probably been meaning to build another garage to hold your extra cars that are getting covered with summer pine sap and pollen passive house, passive home

A collection of amazing contemporary porch designs for your home with which we hope to provide you with modern ideas for your porch And you can achieve that by making your porch match the contemporary design style, which means it needs to have flat tiles, sharp edges and straight lines without having too much

Use an uncoupling membrane to prevent tiles from cracking or popping loose Once the membrane is cemented in place, the tiling proceeds as usual All Purpose, Retractable Multi Position Blade, Lock Back for Safety Sharp Blades with Storage in Non Slip Handle Ergonomic, Easy Grip Design Protects Knuckles!

Aug , Traditional Living Room by A B KASHA Designs A B KASHA Designs Getting started As with the beginning of any design project, it helps to look at your space with fresh eyes Go out, grab a cup of coffee and come back for another look once you feel refreshed Better yet, bring a design savvy friend

The master shower really deserves its own series like the front porch The tile in our master shower has been addressed a total of times, post initial install Before we took possession of the house, all the tile surrounding the three windows was removed and replaced And even though some of the tiles were clearly jacked

These are recycled pavers made out of car tires and truck tires made by Envirotile and the nice thing about it is, take a look at this, all of the different designs that you get to choose from These look like stone pavers, you have a little more of an ornamental design on those back there, these look like brick pavers But what I

Jul , I work as a commercial interior designer and it seems like every rep that comes in is adding more and more wood ceramic tile looks to their line to keep The home is split level so the tile would be in the entry, kitchen, breakfast nook and living room and we d use hardwood in the family room and master

Tile is a good way to make the space look polished and to revamp a bathroom without doing a major overhaul Keep in mind that the grout between tiles can become grimy if it s not cleaned properly, and regular maintenance is important in preserving an aesthetic that looks fresh and not grungy Tile is more expensive than

Jan , For contemporary styled homes you can choose from a number of porch flooring options stamped concrete, tiles, tongue and groove composite, etc Brick pavers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be arranged in unique designs and patterns like basketweave, herringbone and circular.