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Mar , She worked with a nonprofit organization trying to help Saharan refugees earn a living She came up with a way of using plastic bottle strips, hot sand, and a simple template Read more about the project and see more designs here Check links below for more inspiring upcycled plastic bottle jewelry

Sep , Shrinkable plastic such as the Shrinky Dink are really fun to use You can cut out shapes and color them There are also some basic colored sheets available in black, cream and brown What you do with them is all up to your creativity Here are some more delightful jewelry tutorials to help spark your

Jul , There is a free D jewelry design software called JWEEL that lets you create your own designs! They can also be printed in metals such as silver or gold, brass, resin, or basic plastic (good for prototypes!) Their interface lets you build jewelry free hand, with strictly minimal use of premade templates.

Jun , Upcycling plastic bottles not just reuses a throw away item There are some benefits too First and most important, the jewelry piece will not be heavy EcoHeidi Borchers demonstrates in her first video tutorial how to use plastic pieces as the foundation to her Boho sea shell embellished necklace The ridges

Oct , It takes the printer bits that heat up and extrude melted plastic and puts them in your hand, where you d with them like using a pen It s pretty neat watching a D shape come together so fast Doodler s website provides some good templates for objects to d , including the Eiffel Tower, which the

Aug , The secret behind screen printed resin jewelry is the use of shrink plastic I used the Shrinky Dinks brand s frosted sheets This is the base on which the screen printing is done You could do it on stiff paper or card but this non porous material provides a firm base for screen printing You also do not have to

Jun , There are so many ways to make your own charms and buttons for jewelry making Did you ever consider shrink plastic (Shrinky Dinks is a well known brand) You can easily do that Here are a couple of tutorials posted on Karen`s The Graphics Fairy It is a fantastic resource for free vintage images (the

Sep , Crafters and jewelry designers appreciate its versatility Their imagination knows no bounds when creating really fun shrink plastic jewelry tutorials Francesca of the Tea Hab DIY blog has clever shrink plastic ring tutorials which show great originality The first one shown above, is her tutorial for a set of

Jun , He designed different tie shapes and used Ponoko s laser cutting service to create acrylic templates (shown in action in the photo above) His bow tie template file is available to download for at the Ponoko Showroom Once you buy the file, you can click Make to have Ponoko laser cut the design

Jul , I noticed if you get too close to the edges, the knife will splice the plastic on the stencil I also noted that you can t use a swivel blade on some of the more intricate designs since the swivel knives have smaller blades than a standard craft knife, and the housing that holds the blade, will not allow it to move

May , Michaels has classes you can attend in your local stores, to learn everything from knitting and cake decorating to card making and jewelry designbut they also have so You just slide the template under the plastic flap, trace the melted chocolate right onto the design, and then let the chocolate cool off.

Apr , wrote this tutorial on how to embroider pendants using plastic canvas She particularly likes using plastic canvas for her crafting If you share her liking, do check out the rest of her blog The smaller sized plastic canvas she uses more holes in a given area than the usual kind makes for daintier jewelry.

Dec , Don t be tempted to dismiss plastic One of the top designers I featured before is Svenja John who uses polycarbonate plastic This plastic has many industrial uses eyeglass frames for example Check out the video about the artisan and how she makes her high end jewelry See other inspirational

Jul , Check out the different Sizzix jewelry designs and materials including the embossing ones You ll recognize the basic die I used for my earrings! This really pretty charm bracelet is by Melony Bradley using shrink plastic as the base I also loved this beautiful recycled soda can butterfly pin tutorial by Eileen

Jun , Talk about soaking up some rays this summer Sundrop Jewelry uses a giant by inch Fresnel lensoriginally designed for lighthousesto focus the the power of that bright orange orb in the sky to melt glass into.

Dec , Bubble wrap You read correctly Bubble wrap those packing sheets that kids love to pop But don t throw them away as they can be made into jewelry Steven James bubble wrap necklace tutorial on Craftster is versatile as you can use not just bubble wrap but any plastic like unwanted grocery bags.

Jan , I used to knit and liked taking my projects with me to do whenever I was out of the house Now I pack my chain maille stuff inside a small plastic box I ve been known to make chain maille jewelry waiting at the dentist s or waiting to pick up my children But when I empty out my box, I discover misplaced rings

Mar , Free folded jewelry display pattern from the book The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook How to make a folded jewelry display I think this folded paper card display looks like the and symbol amp (well not the one in this font but the one on my keyboard!) It makes a great little display for my

Dec , Massachusetts design studio Nervous System has developed a method of D printing jewellery and garments with articulated joints so they automatically change shape once removed A second free application allows users to experiment with Nervous System s templates and print the results at home.

Nov , Just check out some of the past posts below Eco, upcycled or recycled jewelry are some of the terms used for this green trend Here are some tutorials by a couple of very creative crafters to inspire Plastic bottle flowers are easy to create Leanne over at the Luvlee Scrappin blog uploaded a video showing

Aug , Well, add jewelry and bags to its already long list of uses German born jewelry artist Svenja John Schmuck takes this transparent material and adds vibrant color to her style of jewelry making She has specialized in this material since .

Dec , There are many ways artists can express themselves in wearable art designs One of New York based Emily Thompson s favorite ways is d ing on shrink plastic Her hand d n animal art jewelry on her Etsy, Periwinkle Nuthatch, shows her gift for illustration Her charming designs are mostly d n with

May , To stretch the coin into a ring, the least expensive way to do it (and how I started out myself) was with a ring mandrel and a hide or plastic mallet (harder mallets will mark the coin) Strike the coin repeatedly and as evenly as possible Once it stretches a couple sizes, reheat the coin and repeat until you

Nov , What really stands out Although it s a little pricey, unlike many other kits it contains everything the beginner beader needs to get started making paper jewelry Since there are rollers, you can make beads with a friend The included cutting template is helpful because once you run out of paper, you can

Jun , She developed a unique technique to convert recycled plastic bottles into astonishingly good faux gold jewelry The method has to be simple because there aren t a whole lot of resources available to make jewelry at the camps The plastic bottles are easily collected from the litter around the camps.