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Mar , Here s a house much fancier than mine, showing off its metal roof (image credit Metal Sales Inc) General Awesomeness and Durability The biggest reason to choose metal is that it looks great and lasts forever On top of that, it is more resistant to wind, fire, snow, hail, and rain You actually get a discount

Apr , White Metal Roof Under Construction Photo Image via Victory Until I took a closer look around the corner the roof was no longer a black, heat soaking, composition shingle roof This time it was shiny! I don t mean shiny like you have to look away when the sun hits it, but just a soft, silver colored roof.

May , These were designed by a team led by Zach Taylor, who comes from a constructions background particularly on the composition and installation of roofing systems According to Taylor, his company designed solar roofs to be as inexpensive as possible by using standard construction materials which are

Aug , A solar cell shingle may be made of an array of solar cells on a lower portion of a substantially rectangular shingle substrate made of fiberglass cloth or the roof shingle which may be applied in the usual way and an array of cooperating solar cells from which electrical energy may be collected Images().

Oct , But look, pretty shingles! Elon Musk Unveiled a Solar Roof and Didn t Address Any Pressing Questions Photo Credit Tesla Facebook Twitter For a launch The French slate model, he noted, uses hydrographic printing to make each shingle a totally unique special snowflake tile.

So let s start with the various roof types Table of Contents Gable Roof Gambrel Roof Flat Roof Hip Roof Mansard Roof Shed Roof Ridged, multi gable (M type) Saw tooth Roof Dutch Gable Roof (Gablet Roof) Butterfly Roof A frame roof Most Popular Materials for House Roofing Shingles Metal Aluminum Shingles

Aug , A three layer asphalt composition shingle where the top layer is of a full width, a middle layer is less than the full width, and a bottom layer has a width of the various layers provide a high degree of randomness to enhance a visual appearance to a roof shingled with such type of shingles Images.

Nov , Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims I claim A roofing shingle having an exposed surface comprising (a) a fibrous mat material having a chord and a Various types of shingle materials available include asphalt composition, wood, tile, rock, and metal roofing systems.

Nov , Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims() A composition comprised of asphalt and filler, wherein said filler is comprised of particles It is an object of this invention to provide a filled asphalt coating composition that can be used to efficiently produce good roofing shingles that are

May , This roof color is commonly called Weathered Wood Weathered Wood is somewhat the same color as an aged cedar shingle which is what was on most of these houses in the s and into the s before they were replaced for the first time with asphalt composition shingles Other colors are the upper

Jan , It s the perfect time to build a rain barrel to capture your roof s rainwater and keep your plants happy in the summer A two fer! Tests on the stormwater dripping from asphalt shingle roofs find that it s remarkably clean Tweet This Is it safe to use rain barrel water collected from your roof to irrigate homegrown

Mar , This lightweight concrete roof tile of the present invention is about half the weight and about the same strength, and absorbs the same amount of water of conventional roof tiles Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims What is claimed is A composition useful for fabricating

May , In a preferred embodiment, the process runs in a continuous mode with the various materials flowing as streams into spaces where steps of the process operate The process can be used for both worn roofing shingles and for asphalt paving Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims.

Aug , A self seal ring for creating a water tight seal around a nail used in affixing a roof shingle, underlayment and insulation to a roof deck Also disclosed is a method for installing the self seal ring and nail to the underlying support Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims A self seal

Mar , A solar thermoelectric power generation system includes roofing products such as shingles with solar heat reflective areas and roofing products with solar heat power generating elements are provided in thermal contact with the solar heat reflective areas and the solar heat absorptive areas Images().

Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims available in Description (OCR text may contain errors) United States Patent ,, ROOFING COMPOSITION OF RUBBER LATEX AND GLASS FIBER Raymond R Waterman, Monroe, and Donald C Morris, Norwalk, Comm, assignors to Harry H Miller,

Oct , The roof of claim , wherein said articles are automobile tires and the tiles thereof are made of rubber including inner, metallic reinforcement layers The section is then subjected to a thermal treatment process in an autoclave or a kiln, wherein it is heated to a temperature of between ° F and ° F.

Organic shingles contain around more asphalt per square than fiber glass shingles which gives them more weight, excellent durability, and wind resistance Fiberglass shingles however, are more flexible and stronger Shingles come in a wide variety of colors Composition roofs can be overlaid with a new roof if the

Jan , Method of improving adhesion between roofing granules and asphalt based roofing materials product includes an asphalt based substrate with an asphalt surface having roofing granules imbedded thereon with a non asphalt adhesive at the interface between the asphalt and roofing granules Images().

Aug , The composition can be formed into the shape of roof tiles by conventional equipment Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is A lightweight roof tile constructed of a composition comprising cement present in the amount

May , A roofing shingle according to claim , wherein the inorganic fiber mat is a glass fiber mat A roofing shingle according to claim , wherein said coating formulation comprises (a) about to of an elastomeric polymer composition (b) about to of a bitumen composition (c) about to

Because as the sun heats up the shingles the trapped moisture heats up as well and can cause blisters to rise up on the shingle Poorly Ventilated Roofs Roofs that do not have an the shingles can blister because of the intense heat Popped shingle blisters photo courtesy of used with permission

In place of the pickling step, acidic materials, such as aluminum fluoride, sodium fluosilicate, etc can be added to the coating composition Each of the so called low temperature and high temperature types of process has found its place in the commercial manufacture of roofing granules In each type there are known