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, How s the state of your bathroom grout Or in your kitchen, if you have tile on the floor or in your back splash I m really liking these make it yourself cleaning recipes, because they work just as well and it means I don t have different types of chemical cleaners laying around! We have been using

, I m sharing my best kept secret to cleaning tile and grout, better than hydrogen peroxide and baking soda plus, it s cheap, easy and all natural thing, I m pretty sure the stuff on the floor is far more stubborn and determined to overstay it s welcome, which is what has happened with this particular tile floor.

Clean up all spills immediately Blot, don t rub, in order to prevent pushing the spill further into the pores of the material Use a cleaner that is safe for Travertine not ammonia, bleach, or other general household cleaners Cleaners must be safe for natural stone Make sure that the entire Travertine suface is well sealed

, The Lemon and Peppermint Tile Cleaner is mixed and sprayed while the Citrus Tile Floor Cleaner is intended to be used for mopping If you prefer not to If you are looking for a new method or a more natural approach to cleaning your tile and grout, try one one these recipes or products out Let me know

Tile and Grout Cleaner Stone Care Kits The highly concentrated grout, stone and tile cleaner is designed to clean the toughest soils from tiles, grout and other natural stones! Cleaning marble or limestone floors, travertine tiles, ceramic porcelain tiles and dirty grout is SAFE! Plus, It s Easy to Use Fill the spray bottle with

, HalfPint has told us that cream of tartarwhich is actually a natural byproduct of winemaking, did you know is a good cleaning agent as well as a oxidizer Apply a paste of it to a coffee stained pot, or any porcelain dishware that s no longer bone white, and wipe away with hot water after letting it sit for a

Oxo Extendable Tub Tile Scrubber of See more cleaning essentials best vacuums, best cleaning wipes, best floor cleaners, and best spray cleaners Although designed for grout, this bleaching pen was loved by testers for the way it brightened caulk around the tub and the sink One end is thick (nickel

, The cleaning frequency often depends upon the color of tiles and grout Also tiles clearly tend to show up dirt more than rugs, carpets or other types of floor covering and it s for this reason tile floors need to be cleaned more often No matter if we re talking about mosaic, natural stone, marble, ceramic, quarry

Cleaning Grout Naturally Magic Tub Cleaner By far the Cleaning Grout Naturally My nasty, dirty grout Barry and I are very much into DIY but neither of us have done tileso that s something we ll have to learn later We have tile floors all over the house, so it would take me years to carefully paint all the grout lines

If you ve ever thought about cleaning your home with natural ingredients and making your own DIY Household Recipes, these recipes are a simple place to start since they use so few supplies (most of which you probably already have in your home) Clean your laundry, carpets, bathroom tile and so much more with these

Spacek Floor Care LLC Cleaning With Care Ricky Melanie Spacek SPECIALIZING IN Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Patio Cleaning and So when the opportunity presented itself for them to establish their own business, it only seemed the natural thing to do And the results

, Sweep or vacuum floor tiles Always test out your cleaning method on a small area that is not easily visible prior to diving into your cleaning project Do not use chlorine bleach on colored grout as it can discolor it Do not clean granite or natural stone {such as marble} with household cleaners or vinegar due

I d have to give Wet and Forget Shower an A for cleaning both tile and grout For not doing anything more than spraying once a I have not been able to find a natural cleaning product that will remove the mold mildew and soap scum build up in our tiled showers or counters I am a natural skeptic, so getting me to try new

, We re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest (and easiest) cleaning tools, so when our Apartment Therapy Office Manager Nelly came into Finally she took a chance on this Miracle Grout Pen to do the job She prepped the floor by sweeping and mopping before starting to trace the grout lines.

, Keep it clean with this daily spray A quick once over with this daily homemade shower spray will cut through soap scum so it doesn t build up It also prevents mold and mildew, too Do not use on granite or natural stone! If your shower is made of granite, marble, travertine, or other natural stone this is not

Mar , Have you been spending a fortune on Grout Cleaner and breaking your back scrubbing your floors, or hiring companies to clean the grout on your floors and walls For years we ve been a slave to our kitchen floor, hunched over for hours on end at least twice a year to scrub and clean our grout so it looks