vinyl wall panel interlock

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Nov , The interlocking system responds to a substantial positive or negative wind load or such a wind load after an impact which breaks a glass panel, parallel to said glass window panels, said second sash frame member including connected spaced apart walls defining a slot therebetween receiving said

Dec , An interlock secures adjacent panels of ready to assemble furniture in a selected angular relationship and includes a rigid elongated core member The arcuate recess has internal walls which spiral radially inwardly such that as the cam lock is rotated, the connecting bolt is d n into the bore .

Mar , In the vertical jamb joint, a down turned edge a of a single panel is riveted to a male extrusion bracket The male extrusion bracket hooks into a female extrusion bracket which has been screwed to the wall In these joints, a standard vinyl backer rod and flexible sealant may be

Aug , The mausoleum of claim wherein each said vertically extending wall that has plurality of cells therein comprises at least two interlocking wall panels Each panel (, ) is preferably fabricated from a polymeric material such as vinyl and has two exterior surfaces that may be cast with a desired texture

Jun , Refrigeration units such as walk in coolers and freezers, particularly interlocking insulative panels used in construction of such units The individual insulative panels is a fragmentary perspective, showing the cam locking of an insulating panel lower edge to a vinyl screed FIG is a vertical section of a

Dec , ,, addresses, in part, one of the difficulties of using anything other than the conventional interlocking steel panels to form a seawall In this patent, I teach the use and deployment of tubular pilings formed of p.v.c plastic material Prior to the teaching in this patent, the use of such plastic tubular

Dec , Each panel includes a core of insulative material, an exterior cementitious face, an interior wall surface face, and edges of the core at an angle with generates the geometries of the geodesic sphere or dome, and also is configured to interlock with the triangular exterior panels to form a waterproof system.

Sep , The seawall includes a series of laterally aligned elongated corrugated bulkhead strips made from a plastic material strip may be lifted and assembled manually relative to an adjacent anchored strip and driven into the ground and into lateral alignment with an adjacent strip and a longitudinal interlock.

Jul , Components of the wall system prevent debris from entering between the wall substructure and the fascia panels, and in seawall applications prevent water incursion and resist wave action The composite wall system of claim , wherein the sheet piling Wall comprises a plurality of vinyl pile members .

Nov , c.) selecting a roof panel fabricated of a solid, autoclaved aerated, concrete, where said roof panel has a width of at least five feet and, d.) interlocking said wall panel to said roof panel The roofing system according to claim , including the further step of routing said roof panel to provide a path for

A panel joining mechanism () has a post composed of a flat rear wall adapted to be positioned in confronting relation to an attachment for being securely joined to the attachment , and a pair of This is because steps , of the fixture () interlock with tip ends (), () of flanges (), () of the stud ().

Each panel comprises a core with or without strengthening metal sheets about which is wrapped a flexible and at least partially resilient floor covering, such as carpet the panels are supported by post blocks or pedestals which are readily, easily and inexpensively manufactured and which readily interlock with the panels.

Nov , Elongated extruded thermoplastic hollows structural components of rectilinear cross section formed for interlocking assembly for use in erecting a of a substrate including reprocessed plastic material and a thin smooth protecting thermoplastic skin covering wall surfaces of said component which are

Jul , Usually, the sheet piling material has a panel side edge configuration that enables interlocking of the panel edges with the edge of an adjacent panel Sheet pilings can be made of many different types of material, including steel, aluminum, treated timber, extruded vinyl sheet material, and fiber reinforced

Oct , The preferred embodiment of the present invention is a modular structural panel system comprised of a plurality of components, wherein each component is constructed of fiber reinforced polymer composite materials The components are connected together through interlocking to form a modular structural

Aug , A veneer panel system is used with a wall or a retaining wall to provide a natural stone appearance and or to improve the appearance of an existing wall Panels can be Alternatively, and preferably, an interlocking element is molded onto the back of a panel when it is manufactured This interlocking

Feb , The sliding window is carried in an extruded frame which incorporates a vinyl track with flexible flanges to provide a guide for the sliding windows as well as providinga watertight seal The window unit extrusions are also provided with channels which are adapted to receive the grooved wall panels of the

Feb , Disclosed is a narrow frame wall structure having panel gripping mullions formed of extruded metal Typical vertical The preferred mode of attachment of the filler to the stop, and to the mullion proper, is by interlocking engagement with grooves and or protrusions located on those parts Both the mullion