decking boards for retaining fluid

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Oct , wherein the retardant comprises at least one of the following citric acid, acetic acid, boric acid, fine rice husk ash, chilled water, tri sodium phosphate, betonite (or other water retaining clay which can be calcined), sodium carboxy methycellulose (CMC), cellulose, phosphonates and mixtures thereof.

Apr , a chain stopper adapted to engage said step on said first end of said elongated mating link to retain said mating link to the vessel an auxiliary fluid transfer line extending in a path adjacent to said fluid loading lines from the outboard end of said inner boom to adjacent the offshore structure for transferring

Jan , A hydraulically driven mower having a mower deck with conduit means in contact with the deck for flowing hydraulic fluid which powers hydraulic motors for is a schematic cross section view depicting the air flow of the cutting blades against the board deck to provide cooling of the hydraulic fluid in the

May , A portable automobile trunk organizer is provided for storing, organizing and transporting jumper cables, first aid kit, flares, motor oil, other automotive fluids, flashlight and miscellaneous tools the trunk organizer includes a top lid which attaches to the underside of the trunk lid, and has mounts for jumper

Nov , said anchor buoy means engaged therewith, toward a substantially immobilized position on a deck portion of said floating vessel means above said body of water and located generally forward of said stern portion of said floating vessel means said pendant line means being operable, with said anchor

Mar , A method of surgically accessing intervertebral disc space involves a less invasive technique than prior procedures The method avoids violation of the disc annulus and utilizes the annulus for containment of artificial disc material The less invasive technique results in less blood loss and minimization of

May , An escape system for delivering personnel on a drilling rig to a safe location in the event of a blow out or other dangerous situation More specifically, a personnel capsule is releasably maintained in an unbalanced disposition by an A frame structure adjacent the racking board level of the derrick of an oil

Feb , A buoyancy system for a structure having at least one component being substantially stationary with respect to the bottom of a water covered area, the system comprising a set of buoyancy modules Also, wellhead control valves placed on board the FPS allow for the wells to be maintained from the FPS.

Feb , The paddle according to claim , wherein said at least one electric motor comprises a water submersible brushless outrunner motor, A hinged paddle for Watercrafts that typically utilize hand held paddles are canoes, rowboats, rafts, and kayaks, which normally have a covered deck The paddles

Apr , A coating method for gypsum board having a surface gypsum layer in which a polymer additive has been entrained including forming a gypsum the need to formulate an enhanced glass reinforced gypsum board products that are water impervious, are capable of retaining their integrity under the weight

Redesigned with an intuitive, all new UI, GPU Tweak II makes overclocking easier and more visual than ever, while still retaining advanced options for seasoned overclockers With one click, the new Gaming Booster function maximizes system performance by removing redundant processes and allocating all available

Jan , Surfboard wax, or surfwax , is well known and is typically formulated from natural and synthetic wax products for application to the deck or surface of a water board, such as a surfboard, wakeboard, bodyboard, skimboard, etc to provide traction and thus keep the rider from slipping off of the board when

Feb , When the owners of this airy, s modernist home wanted to bring more light to the interior, they also wanted to retain the architecture s original character and On the ground floor at the front of the house, the kitchen and dining room became a single, fluid, open plan living space ideal for entertaining.

Dec , that the interspace is closed off at at least one axial end by means of at least one annular, spring loaded seal which is secured in a retaining piece Furthermore, there has been a need for the introduction under pressure of cleaning fluid into the interspace to clean the interspace of grease and not least

The method of claim wherein said release agent comprises a surface conditioning material comprising a surfactant, wax, silicone, oil, resin, polymer, or other a nonflocculated dispersion of delaminated vermiculite platelets providing a flexible film release carrier having a surface operative for retaining a wet film

Mar , Typically the water cooled heat exchanger cools the ventilating air and one or more fans circulate the ventilating air inside the enclosure TENV motors have no At the same time the enclosure is constructed to retain the motor parts within the enclosure during an explosion In addition, the enclosure must

The high pressure fluid from the auxiliary source is usually under the control of a pressure cutout switch mounted on the governor, but not shown General arrangement of intention Generally speaking, the invention includes a test stand is, best shown in Figures , , and , approximately one half of the top forming a deck l t

Mar , The Old St John s Convent and Orchard was renovated by London firm John Smart Architects to create four five storey properties that retain the original order of the facades while A fluid oak staircase at the centre of the house was constructed from staves with standardised sections and assembled on site.

This invention relates to lifting jacks and more especially it relates to lifting Jacks using fluid pressure for operating power In manufacturing the connection a conically shaped form of card board is used as a building form and the form remains in the connection during its vulcanization, whereby the connection is prevented

Nov , A typical davit includes a hoist for lifting the dinghy out of the water and either holding the dinghy above the water or placing it on the deck of the boat for storage Opposite ends of the rod are preferably drilled tapped and secured to the frame assembly by a pair of bolts and retaining washers.

Apr , A swimming pool includes an elongated plastic extrusion of channel shaped configuration forming a gutter for receiving liquid which overflows from the pool This gutter has an outer upper region connected with a concrete retaining structure.

Apr , Hard rails may be used as gripping traction in the water like that of surfboard fins Thickness and shape of the rails may vary throughout the length of the board rails Top deck may also incorporate foot retaining features and , as depicted in FIG Length of surfboard can be various lengths

Mar , said base portion has a generally T shaped slot formed longitudinally therein, said slot being suitable for receiving and retaining a bolt head said As noted, the horizontal flying forms which are used for forming concrete floors comprise a deck which is secured to a plurality of beams which are set

Apr , I ve finally started getting some of my planters arranged out on the deck, patio and front porch Our front I used to have to water them every day just to keep the plants alive, that is until I learned a little trick a few years back Today I Diapers contain moisture retaining granules that resemble white sand.

May , The patient surface deflects and oil cans , bows or creases Moreover, joints associated with the prior pans and frames are difficult to clean of blood or other fluids It is thus Accordingly, the cams are wedged between the frame rail and the side rail to retain the cassette in its proper position.

Feb , A resin distribution network is provided adjacent the core surface in fluid communication with the feeder groove In a first , the vacuum bag and mold may also be integrated into a single structure which is rigid enough to retain its shape as a mold but flexible enough to collapse against the part upon