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Aug , In warmer months, they function as verandas year round they let in light and air Iori Kyoto Machiya Exterior.jpg Sliding doors These louvered doors and plaster slitted windows (mushiko mado) are particular to Kyoto machiya (traditional live work homes) Asian Patio by HartmanBaldwin Design Build.

Jun , So given the intense pollen season we d endured this year, Sherry and I went on the hunt for an affordable and not too bulky power washer During this whole process, I also dragged the furniture bases out onto the deck to spray, which revealed some not so pretty looking spots on the tile underneath.

Dec , The couple used locally sourced materials for the renovations, employing only local contractors and tradespeople to do the work Traditional Living Room by Luci.D Interiors The family s Australian Border Collie, Sassy, escapes the heat under the shade of the veranda Mouhtouris and Keys installed York

Aug , This extra door not only receives packages when no one is home, but it also allows the delivery person to deliver perishable foods, cleaning products, A black, wood and earth tone scheme raised rooms partitioned with sliding doors and an engawa, or veranda, to bring in breezes are among the

Oct , Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann used concrete, oak and travertine to create the smooth walls and floors of this home and poolhouse overlooking Lake Zurich ( slideshow) Two Verandas by Gus Wüstemann The use of materials is essential for our work, Wüstemann told Dezeen It s that kind of

Jan , Take a walk with us through these verandas, or covered porches You ll see quintessential elements that can work for homes in other parts of the world that enjoy an indoor outdoor lifestyle Traditional Deck by Dan the Sparky Man Dan the Sparky Man Queenslanders are a classic example of vernacular

Jun , Raku s way was to develop an understanding of the nature of materials that rivaled his master s, and to insist on using wood when most Japanese residences Nearly years after his death and over years since his first design for Japan, Frank Lloyd Wright s enduring influence can be found in these