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The invention provides a composite armor plate () for absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy from high velocity, armor piercing projectiles, as well as from to increase the probability that a projectile will simultaneously impact several pellets, thereby increasing the efficiency of the stopping power of the panel of the

Oct , Westinghouse Electric Corp (WEC) has incorporated SC modules for walls and floors of its AP plant internal structures, and was the first to incorporate them in a certified design (see WEC s design certification document, DCD, for AP standard plant) A typical wall module panel for the AP

Jun , Design and construction of a composite material airplane having a high aspect ratio wing and a horizontal double lobe fuselage cross section for cargo and or passenger accommodations The fuselage comprises a double lobe shell of contoured honeycomb core composite panels and an interior vertical

Jan , The new jet, delayed a couple of years by design and production issues, has suffered a variety of glitches This week, a fire broke out in an auxiliary power unit (APU) on a Japan Airlines at a gate in Boston The APU powers the jet on the ground There were no injuries Another JAL Dreamliner flight

Sep , The issue of whether Kelly Brown s composite mark, the phrase combined with its design elements, is protectable wasn t reached, although the panel s discussion of the issue suggests that would result in a win for Winfrey as well Were we to conduct such an inquiry, the Plaintiffs lack of protection in the

Jun , By combining lightweight composite materials and a more fuel efficient engine design, as well as lighter electrical and electronic flight control systems, aircraft designers are pushing fuel economy higher The latest jumbo jet from Airbus, the A XWB looks to beat the averages with a new line of jumbo

Mar , The carbob fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) used in the aileron manufacture is shallow angled, thin ply construction supplied by Chomarat and features other composite specific design aspects Figure Back face of Haydale modified panels after lightning strike showing no visible damage Renewable

Apr , The Wave truck from Walmart houses a host of efficiency oriented features such as composite body panels The panel on the roof of the Hybrid powerplant The truck s engine, a range extending series hybrid, uses much smaller and lighter batteries than pure electric trucks The engines are well suited to

Jun , Using the discrete stiffener modeling capability in HyperSizer v, engineers designing airframe wing boxes can identify each stiffener as a separate panel segment, apply failure analyses, and determine unique margins of safety for each To overcome such d backs, Collier says HyperSizer targets

Mar , Chemistry Department and Department of Engineering and Design, Western Washington University, High Street, Bellingham, Washington The warp of a phenolic resin fiberglass honeycomb composite panel is investigated using void and volatile analysis, and a solution to geometric warp is

Oct , Growth of vertically aligned CNTs (VACNTs) offers new avenues for designing high performance composites by integrating CFs and nanotubes into layered D architectures To obtain composites Carbon Nanotube Nanocup Hybrid Structures for High Power Supercapacitor Applications Myung Gwan

Jan , Collier Research design optimization software company joins aerospace team to advance composite aircraft development, NASA s Advanced Composites Consortium members will plug their analysis tools into the HyperSizer Stress Framework for rapid airframe analysis (above) and design optimization of

Feb , the cladding is a lightweight panel made of polyurethane foam and thin aluminum It s terrific that they actually try to insulate these buildings against the heat instead of just doing all glass, but the fact is, foam burns like mad, even with flame retardants mixed in Aluminum Composite Panels, a sandwich of

Will Stelten, design architect and a graduate of Marist, said the school community chose carefully to design a building that will serve students for years Long recognized as an industry leader in metal standing seam roofing products, Petersen also offers exposed fastener panels, flush panels, composite wall panels

Jun , At Phantom Works, he assessed the use of advanced composites for future airplanes, though he had no direct role on the program Weldon s concerns were examined by a panel of Boeing technical experts chosen from outside the program Its review endorsed the jet s composite material design.

Oct , Solar panel installed into building () Courtesy of U.S Department of Energy () Courtesy of U.S Department of Energy New Building Construction With the advancement of new compounds and composite materials, PV collecting cells are being integrated into building construction designs Roofing

Apr , Misconceptions about the properties between Al and Cu can arise due to different grades of metals used in different electrical applications The Cu used in wire Motors Size and capacity are important factors in designing motors and have many manufacturers using Cu for their designs Both Cu and Al

Aug , The MES composite of claim , wherein one or more of the reinforcements further comprise of cables of conduits for electrical signal transmission and Whereas in the MES composite design described herein, not only the structural composite panels on either side help alleviate part of the load, but also

May , A door for an aircraft wing fuel tank access opening includes an outer impact resistant composite door panel, and an inner composite door panel Double The use of composite skins in some newer aircraft present challenges in designing suitable access doors, particularly for wing mounted fuel tanks.

Sep , Electric vehicle batteries are big, heavy, and expensive Volvo hopes to tackle all three problem with one creative solution body panels that double as car batteries But within the next three years, Volvo will attempt to convert a vehicle s spare wheel recess into a composite battery In a statement, Volvo

Mar , A comparison has been made between modified and unmodified panels subjected to direct lightning strike events and it has been demonstrated that severe back face damage and The aileron was designed and preliminary sized by Airbus and optimized by Stanford University Composites Design Team.

In the automotive world, the trickledown from motorsportswhere CF composites arrived years agoto McLarens, Corvettes, Vipers, and affordable cars has There, BMW s Wackersdorf factory stitches the tow from Moses Lake into CF cloth that s shipped to Landshut where individual panels for the i and i electric

Dec , The Eco Tender design features solar panels and wind turbines that produce enough energy to power the boat The roof is completely retractable the ARK s inboard electric motor More eco friendly elements of the ARK include the deck structure built using natural composite fibers, instead of glass fiber.

Collapse mechanisms of sandwich beams with composite faces and a foam core, loaded in three point bending Membrane thickness design of implantable bio MEMS sensors for the in situ monitoring of blood flow CA Steeves, YL Young, A magnetohydrodynamic power panel for space reentry vehicles CA Steeves

Jan , ,,, ) shows a vertical axis design for generating heat to displace natural gas in HVAC systems and to cut coal based electrical power Inter panel connectors add to the diaphragm strength racking resistance of the overall solar platform deck in areas with seismic structural concerns .

May , The present invention is a method for joining thermoplastic composite sandwich panels with thermoplastic welds (fusion bonds) made without The necessary design for mechanical fastening complicates the structure, especially in thin sections, because of the need for access to both sides of the bond line.

Nov , An aircraft fuselage assembly of basic construction in composite materials employs metallic frames with reduced quantity of metallic shear ties attached to the composite stiffened skin, formed by two or more longitudinal panels, spliced with longitudinal metallic splice members Typically, the latitudinal