hard landscaped front gardens

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My first house had the front landscaping completed as part of the house building process, something I appreciated when I was months pregnant and had a sweet little month old boy tagging along too Hard to make applesauce with, not the greatest to eat fresh and unless you have a press, juice ain t an option.

Jun , When she and I connected in the gardens of the Southern Living Idea house last summer, the path was set for Carmen to help me with my own yard She used her amazing connections and Southern Living gifted me with the plants for my front yard and Carmen s other crew did the rest A hard working crew

Softly sloping hills can require hard work, but patience and creative yard landscaping ideas that compliment natural surroundings turn outdoor living spaces into gorgeous gardens and spectacular places to relax and connect with the If the hill yard is very steep, then terracing is a great idea for front and backyard designs.

Once the tenant moves out, it s not hard to reclaim that space for flowers once again If you don t want to For example, many cities don t allow gardens in the front yard of a property, while other cities are passing increasingly restrictive codes about landscaping choices in general, and gardens specifically If the tenant fails

May , Not only are they perfect for filling foundations and dressing up front yard picket fences, they make colorful low borders in front of tall garden beds and look Meadow filled, slightly wilder gardens are losing popularity, as are landscapes dominated by hard textures, right angles, Cor Ten steel edging, and

Jun , Those are the true Before shots and will give a totally accurate view of what I was dealing with in the front yard A house that had never been landscaped or given any love at all in the front yard The only Your hard work coupled with God s many blessings have created a truly beautiful home I am proud

Sep , Minimalist gardening is all about space and how it is used Following the trends in interior design, it tends to involve a restricted palette of hard landscaping materials and plants, combined with a design of bold, simple lines Professionally designed classic minimalist gardens may be financially out of reach

Nov , A contemporary garden constructed by Conway Landscapes Landscaping is made so much easier using a garden designer and experienced landscapers and hope that this time lapse camera shows how you can achieve a Very hard work and the design they choose to renovate is also good Keep it

Dec , Similarly, expansive sliding glass doors link the garden with the house seen here, creating a wonderful outdoor recreation area Modern Exterior Fieldview This simple landscape is a testament to form following function There is no ornamentation the minimalist planting is used to break up the hard lines of

Jan , Therefore, it s not hard to understand why the idea of a Japanese garden would be such a beneficial export While each and every attempt at this type of landscape is going to be slightly different depending on who is creating it, the theory behind the garden should be consistent Creating your own

Oct , Brick has been a favorite material for gardens for centuries, from Roman courtyards and Tudor knot garden paths to the walls surrounding Victorian In addition, the brick adds to the landscape and provides a textured, neutral backdrop for the architectural planting in front and the shadows the plants cast.

Jan , As we have a homeowner s association (HOA) starting up, we tried to think hard about future landscape bureaucracy If we re lucky, the many butterflies and birds that visit this new landscape will be our best ambassadors (The current bylaws say nothing about what you can or can t plant, but you should

Oct , Today I m sharing a landscape plan that s my working guide as I make choices for my front yard Of course they didn t have a tree form Limelight Hydrangea in and I was told that they are extremely hard to come by right now ~~~BIG SIGH~~~You have to laugh at this, ya know It s the only way to keep

May , Ah, the side yard It s often a neglected and sad alley where you stick air conditioning units But even if calling what s along the side of your house yard is a stretch, there are plenty of things you Illuminate the hard work you ve done with landscape lighting to make it a safe and inviting journey after dark.

Apr , April is one of my favorite months of the year It is the month when gardens come alive This is our first April at Patina Farm, and I wanted to share our gardens with you Let s take a walk around Patina Farm Our front pedestrian gate is shaded by this

Feb , Urban fruit! An edible landscape is great for city gardeners Consider growing fruit trees in pots or as part of your front yard landscape Home ? Garden ? Urban Fruit Trees Creating an Edible Landscape for a Small Scale Harvest in your edible landscape The fruit is excellent, if a bit hard to harvest.

Oct , Years ago I would have recommended it for woodland edge gardens however, due to its invasiveness, this is no longer a responsible use of this plant I ve spoken with But Pachysandra cannot take the trampling of feet or a hard raking, so don t plant it in an area you ll need to walk through Remove any

Apr , From the medieval knot garden to Victorian displays of carpet bedding, delineation between landscape features has always been important in garden design defining lawn edges, is still the chosen favorite in formal gardens today whether hard clipped or allowed to grow more loosely, it s stunning.

Mary and I know how landscaping can visually enhance the look of any front porch The combination of the right plants and hard scape helps to create appealing front porches and lots of curb appeal These landscaping photos, landscape designs, and ideas are courtesy of Stephen at Lisk Landscape Management.

May , We decided back in March (when it started warming up here in Oklahoma) that we really wanted to overhaul all the landscaping in front of our home It s kinda hard to tell, but we expanded the main flower bed that s up against the house and also created a new one that curves along the pathway up to the

Jun , Landscape your front yard with boxwood shrubs for a traditional, classic landscape A large A while back I started a big makeover for my front yard landscape Bushes were in the garden Initially, I had a hard time figuring out exactly where I wanted it since I may add some additional plants in the fall.

Mar , The best evidence of how the front garden of Kelmscott Manor looked in Morris time is from the title page of one of his books, News from Nowhere Morris was firm in his belief that traditional wood and stone were the perfect materials for hard landscaping, as they help to link the garden with both the