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Feb , A coating composition for coating plastic substrates is disclosed which comprises at least one hydroxyl functional film forming polymer, at least one polyisocyanate compound and a novel adhesion promoter additive The adhesion promoter additive comprises (A) at least one modified polyolefin and (B) at

Oct , In a new report, UNICEF warns that the hundreds of thousands of children who have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh face a perilous future , and issues an urgent call for greater support for relief efforts They live in flimsy bamboo shelters in a vast, congested and chaotic encampment A sheet of thin plastic

Mar , We are currently designing a box like package, which has a cushioning structure derived from the freezing process for delicate objects (like a fragrance bottle), cushioning sheets for wrapping, and nugget like cushioning, Araki says We are ultimately dreaming of replacing disposable plastic products,

Jul , Quick plastic forming of aluminum alloy sheet metal US B Abstract A method is disclosed for stretching magnesium containing aluminum alloy Later, Nakamura et al of Honda R amp D Co and related Honda companies reported the superplastic hot blow forming of a boat hull using an aluminum

Sep , To risk stating the obvious, the first step in identifying a piece of plastic should be to look for a label Since , the SPI resin identification coding system (Wikipedia) has been widely adopted by plastics manufacturers to label their products for post consumer recycling Though the variety of possible plastic

Aug , Page has formed partnerships with textile recycling companies like Miller Waste Mills, that will either upcycle or recycle the sheets This is so important to mewe all can recycle our paper and plastic fairly easily, but just because you re getting new bed sheets shouldn t mean you have to contribute to the

Apr , System and method for installing sheet piles US B Abstract A system for installation of sheet pile including a sheet pile installation apparatus having a substantially rigid elongate beam with an upper end and a lower end, and at least one drive finger proximal the lower end of the substantially

Jan , A mold especially adapted for forming precast, waffle shaped concrete panels employs a one piece mold body of plastic sheet material to provide a reusable mold structure that may be rapidly stripped and reset Each corner of the mold body is open thus, the sides of the mold present pliable flaps due to

Mar , The company believes that sheets of the lightweight plastic thin film will slash the cost of transporting and installing solar panels compared with conventional silicon based solar panels or glass based thin film Eight plans to start manufacturing the sheets by , using reel to reel printing techniques.

Jun , New Materials In USA Catalog Make Your Own Custom Magnets Want designs that stick The first This two layer material has a black magnetic PET topped with a thin layer of brushed gold plastic Engraving reveals the black and get a Silver Magnet Sample Laser Cut Silver On Black Magnetic Sheet

Oct , So solid I had to ask the Tannens why they took such care in packaging their sheets In our nearly three years in business, we ve not heard any customers complain that they miss the traditional plastic packaging that bedding usually comes in, Scott and Missy Tannen told me From the very beginning, we

Nov , US B Abstract A process for manufacturing polymers containing a degradant component that increases the rate of polymer degradation used to manufacture plastic films, sheets, bags, bottles, styrofoam cups, plates, utensils, blister packages, boxes, package wrappings, plastic fibers, tapes,

Aug , The circular economy is anything but theoretical startups and big companies alike already are experimenting with the concept to forge new business to a North American recycling facility to be turned into crumb rubber this crumb rubber is processed into sheet rubber ready to be shipped to Timberland

Jun , Latin America s demand for polyethylene, the key material for plastics production, is forecast to rise sharply just when U.S suppliers are adding capacity for increased containerized Growth in the region s polyethylene demand is expected to be led by film and sheet materials used for packaging.

Nov , Terminix Companies Sentenced for Applying Restricted Use Pesticide to Residences in the U.S Virgin Islands were referred to as tape and seal jobs, meaning that the affected area was to be sealed off from the rest of the structure with plastic sheeting and tape prior to the introduction of the fumigant.

May , United States Patent Oflice ,, Patented May , ,, SCENTED PLASTIC COMPOSITION Fumio Enomoto, Bunkyo machi, resin sheet by using a plasticizer containing resin, that is to say, for example, the procedure for the manufacture of a scented vinyl chloride sheet, will be

Oct , Plastics manufacture makes up of the annual petroleum consumption in the U.S using roughly million barrels per year None of this energy is recovered when plastics are disposed of in landfills, and very little is recovered when plastic waste is incinerated Recycling plastics poses major logistical

Sep , They would more than triple total US methanol production in order to fuel plastics manufacturing abroad In our first installment on the (China s recent limitations on coal production and consumption further incentivize Chinese industrial interests to import US methanol.) Meanwhile, China is unlikely to

May , Workers Fired for Lacking English Skills They Did Not Need, Federal Agency Charged GREEN BAY, Wis Wisconsin Plastics, Inc of Green Bay, Wis a metal and plastic products manufacturer, will pay , and provide other relief to settle a national origin discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S

Sep , US A Abstract The present invention relates generally to recycled plastics which exhibit noxious odors More specifically, the present invention is directed to a Conventionally known additives relating to film manufacturing or processing can optionally be used as part of the present invention.

Apr , Official Application Link The Platinum Card from American Express (, point bonus offer) Inside the letter envelope was a sheet of paper, and attached to it was my shiny new Platinum Card In my opinion, the new metal version of the Amex Platinum Card is a big step up over the plastic version.

The various welds may be executed either separately or simultaneously, and the separation of the containers United States Patent BEST AVAILABLE COPY Patented Apr , is FIGURE is a perspective view illustrating the sheets used for manufacturing the container according to one embodiment of the invention .

Mar , So, until we can buy a D printer that prints nigh indestructible objects out of pure graphene, we will just have to settle on what s available to us HDPE Sheets If you need a rigid sheet of plastic, then consider high density polyethylene sheets (HDPE) In sheet form, it is typically far less expensive than

Dec , Plastic asphalt paving material and method of making same US A Abstract An asphaltic concrete or paving material includes from to invention is to provide a method of paving material, particularly asphaltic paving material, and of utilizing waste plastic in paving material manufacture.