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Read reviews of Orange Glo hardwood floor cleaner from a couple readers, sharing what they like, and don t about the product, and advice for how to remove it if you need to This product does an excellent job at cleaning the floors and restoring some shine, and I ve never had a slipping problem That said, I spot cleaned

May , Wipe clean using a cloth or a coffee filter Wondrous Wood Floor Polish With a bit of olive oil and vinegar, your floors can be rendered shiny and new! I like to add a little lemon or orange essential oil to the mix so that the whole ordeal smells as wonderful as it looks, but that step is entirely at your discretion.

Jul , Some great finishes are available to put the shine back on your floor Eventually finishes will wear off so they need to be re applied on a regular basis A number of high quality manufacturers make a liquid floor wax for hardwood floors The floors should be cleaned and prepped per the directions and after

Mar , The Bona PowerPlus Deep Clean is an oxygenated hardwood floor cleaner It uses peroxide to penetrate for a deep clean and finally, the oxygenated bubbling action lifts away surface debris Deep Cleaning your Hardwood Floors This deep cleaning solution from Bona uses an oxygenated process.

Jul , Hair spray and furniture polish are harmful to wood flooring If they spill on the surface, immediately wipe off with a slightly damp cloth If you want more thorough cleaning, dilute a pH neutral cleaning liquid (like dishwasher liquid) and gently scrub the surface clean Wipe with a dry towel immediately.

Jan , Once the floors are shiny and clean, you may also want to consider applying a floor polish to give them an extra shine and protective finish Most of these come in a wax form, though some cleaners even have the polish built in to save you time and hassle Overall, preparing your hardwood floor for a home

Coating wood cabinetry, furniture, or trim with a clear finish, whether you stain it or not, gives it richness and depth while protecting it from knocks, scrapes, and the weather Use this guide Good for Cabinets, floors, furniture, and trim such as wainscot, where abrasion resistance and durability are important This versatile

Dec , Many people use a floor cleaner or wax, such as Mop Glo, to make the glitter ornaments while others use polycrylic I tried out both ways and here s what I If I m going to use glitter, I want it to shine like the top of the Empire State Building and you definitely get that with polycrylic I would say that I want an

Jun , Cleaning Wood Floors The steam dries within seconds and by the time you finish the room, you can start to bring the furniture back in And after that floors are dirt and dust free Our floors were refinished with two coats of oil based Polyurethane, although they could have used three coats if you ever refinish

May , Vodka Vodka is the secret weapon in many of my favorite cleaning recipes, and in this case, is present to cut through grease and grime on the wood but one that I really like to include whenever possible because it leaves a nicer shine on varnished and painted wood and I find it buffs more easily.

Mar , My floors are hand scraped hickory in a matte finish and they look beautiful all the time, but especially when I clean them and make them shine By the way, they are Shaw Flooring, Broadmoor planks in Mocha and I still love them, going on years later I was worried that my dark hardwood floors might

Read reviews of Rejuvenate floor restorer and floor cleaner, sharing how it has worked on people s hardwood floors, with both positive and negative reviews (San Diego) I found this product at Home Depot and it sounded like it was just what I needed to bring back some shine and cover scratches to my ceramic tile floor.

Apr , Restore aged, worn wood with this heavy duty polish from The Pistachio Project Want a recipe that works and makes your home smell wonderful Try this essential oil cleaner from A Bowl Full of Lemons Add in your favorite natural methods for cleaning, polishing and restoring wood furniture and flooring

Aug , To that, I say, You must buff it to a blinding shine with the hair from a bunny s tail on the day after a new moon when the wind is from the SSW and Dan Rather is asleep. I ve had hardwood floors at times and my very competent floor refinishing crew said anything else would damage the finish I do the

Oct , My father in law introduced me to this stuff and I liked the ingredients so I thought I d give it a try Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray ( ounce) . Ingredients not available Bona X Shine Floor Mop with Microfiber CoversNow normally, I would list a product s ingredients in a review, but,

Mar , That s why I was particularly happy to learn about Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner and Deep Clean Pad These two work together to make the ideal solution for fighting everyday grime and dirt on hardwood floors This is Bona s most powerful cleaner yet and it has an oxygenated formula

Jul , Paint by definition is different than say a polyurethane finish, typically used on hardwood floors Paint is tougher, especially latex enamel that has been formulated for wood floors Although water isn t recommended for cleaning finished wood floors because it raises the grain, it s safer for painted floors

A coat of paste wax is a good way to protect surfaces such as wood, metal, or leather It s also a good way to renew the shine on dull, worn finishes However, to be effective, it s important to apply a thin, even coat of wax to the entire surface Here s an easy way to go about it Use a putty knife to scoop out a golf ball sized