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Mar , I have never had laminate before, so I really don t know how livable it will be with dogs, kids and lots of DIY projects It will be cheaper than wood look tile (I think), and it will feel more like wood But does it get scratched up super easily And I know there are all sorts of different thicknesses, so what should I

Jun , High quality bamboo floors are known to be as durable as their traditional hardwood floors counterparts yet the high quality term is relative to each country and industry Note that un carbonized bamboo can be as hard and strong as red oak where special solutions like strand woven bamboo floors can be

Jan , Laminate is extremely affordable and it s possible to get the luxury look of tile, stone or wood with laminate flooring Because of the way it is manufactured, laminate is very durable and is nearly impervious to scratches, scrapes and dents Installation is a breeze as well Laminate s easy care makes it a top

Jul , This was about years ago and at that time price wise the engineered laminate still looked cheap and actual hardwoods in the kitchen were not in vogue I love my real hardwood floors, don t get me wrong, but once you add in the scratches from my two dogs and the CONSTANT upkeep to keep them

Nov , When it comes to controversial cleaning topics, patient cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar is close to the top believe it or not If you are in the it s not safe camp , you probably won t like this post But in my research and years of personal cleaning experience, I believe that there are basic and safe

Aug , Once you know the total, you can go buy the laminate Add about to the total to be sure you buy enough So what is this stuff made of Laminate flooring consists of planks made from a durable laminate surface, a wood based core and a balancing backing The planks are clicked together to form a long

Jan , Waterproof engineered floor and wall planks have a veneer layer, an extruded plastic composite core, a click lock edge fastening system, and, alternatively, Such laminate flooring is manufactured with numerous desirable properties such as reasonable cost, stain resistance, wear resistance, easy

Jul , The latest trends in home flooring products including luxury vinyl, engineered hardwood, reclaimed hardwood, bamboo and large tile Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles can have the appearance of cut natural stone or wood planks and are durable, slip resistant and water resistant Popular sizes include

Professional installation of engineered wood is usually cheaper than it is for solid wood Generally, the harder the hardwood, the more expensive it is, but also the more durable it is Including labor expenses for installation, most hardwood floors cost between and per square foot Composition, Constructed from thin,

Feb , I know I wanted my floors to either be wood or look like wood and be durable enough to last years or more without any problems at all I also wanted it to feel like wood you know, that textured feeling that wood sheets can have That left hardwood, bamboo, laminates, and something engineered, like

Jun , Bolefloors uses a type of optimization technology and customized CAD CAM developments to allow all floors to be created with shapes that echo the natural form of a tree These programs evaluate imperfections near the edges of each piece, so that each board is beautiful, durable, and fits together.

Budget Slabs of low end bamboo wood flooring View as slideshow Photo by Virgil Bastos EcoTimber Traditional Horizontal Grain in Natural Size ? × × ? Finish Warranty years Is it for Smooth seven coat finish includes aluminum oxide and a scratch resistant acrylic Refinishing will not change its look.

May , Vinyl is known for being scratch proof and even waterproof, which is making them especially appealing in the kitchen and bathroom Plus, vinyl Vinyl flooring options are now available in styles that mimic current wood styles, in everything from oak, pine and walnut to even hand scraped options Photo by

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Some prefinished solid wood and engineered wood floors are DIY friendly, but if you plan to hire a pro installer, tack on per square foot, minimum How it will hold Thinner ones can t be sanded as much,but when topped with durable factory applied coatings, they shouldn t require frequent refinishing Length Longer

We Have Flooring Options Choose your best flooring option with our personalised assistance Contact us today! Vinyl Flooring Durable, low maintenance and realistic, our wood imitation vinyl products include Knight Tiles, Art Select, Van Gogh, and more Starting from

Nov , Laminate vs granite can impact your revenue, but a standard edge vs a flamboyant edge won t do a damn thing to enhance your bottom line Cheap Least durable MDF Made from engineered wood Mid price Durable Plywood Durable Expensive Several years ago, I Googled the name of my

Mar , I scoured Apartment Therapy and Googled flooring over carpet or temporary dining room floors, but only two main suggestions kept reoccurring A rug over carpet Sure, I d It is thinner than bamboo hardwood flooring, but thicker than the finished bamboo area rugs you can buy The slats are tight up

Oct , Here you ll learn all about the pros, cons and cost factors of cork flooring, to help you decide if it s a good fit for your bathroom Could this sleek Despite its soft feel, it can be as durable as hardwood when finished correctly for too long Cork floors can plump, warp and distort if water penetrates a seam.

I ve heard bamboo uses a lot of glue to keep it together and even eco glue sounds scary! Asked by pamela weymouth I will be putting new floors on stories and i have small twin boys who will give the floor a beating Want something pretty as whitewashed wood but durable! Considering pre finished

Sep , For example, it takes roughly pounds of force with a weaker wood like balsa and about , pounds of force with a harder wood like ipe Professional Service Industries, Inc, tested HD Fossilized Bamboo Flooring at more than , pounds of force, according to a release by Cali Bamboo.

Nov , Walk in heels on bamboo floors and chances are you re going to leave a dent Drop a can on the floor and you for sure have a dent Have dogs that weigh more than lbs and you re floors are covered in claw marks And that was the biggest problem with our wood floors two larger dogs inhabited the