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Nov , For the better part of a century, antibiotics have given doctors great powers to cure all sorts of bacterial infections I always wondered why whoever regulates drigs doesn amp t require pharmaceutical companies to rotate classes of antibiotics out of use then back in, so that germs don amp t necessarily

Mar , With modern plumbing and hygiene, the number of nasty microbes we humans are exposed to has plummeted, while the rate of autoimmune diseases and allergies has shot up Are those related Proponents of the hygiene hypothesis think so our immune system is supposed to develop by encountering

Oct , We have had a lot of good news lately, said Governor Jim Justice, citing the recent expansion of Hino Motors Manufacturing USA and Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, as well as the passage of the road bond The people from West Virginia Great Barrel Company are here to do something

Jan , Momenta Pharmaceuticals, West Kendall Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts , United States Anal Chem , , (), pp The methodology was shown to have comparable sensitivity to differential scanning calorimetry for detecting HOS differences In addition, the workflow presented

Jan , lamprey The trick to controlling invasive blood sucking sea lampreyssometimes known as vampire fishmay be a love pheromone, according to a new study Researchers have designed a synthetic version of the male lamprey pheromone that ovulating female lampreys find irresistible, and could be

Oct , Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and §School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana , United States Melt quenched vanadium oxide sandwiched in graphene oxide sheets as composite electrodes for amperometric dopamine sensing and lithium ion battery

Jul , Snacks that will melt (think chocolate granola bars) or drinks that shouldn t get warm (think plastic water bottles) aren t a good fit for the beach Bring snacks so you don t get hungry, but be smart about what you pack Put some water, lemonade or juice in a BPA free container, and bring along some nuts,

Oct , This large volume illuminator does not need to be physically coupled to an electrode, and because the illuminator is made of plastic, not glass, it will simply bend However, technical challenges have limited the use of optogenetics in the non human primate brain, which has a volume ~x larger than the

Jun , Researchers have looked into making new implants that perform the encryption themselves, but that approach comes with several serious d backs, like the difficulty of an emergency override and the need for manufacturers to alter their designs, which are highly optimized in terms of size and shape and

Feb , What s exciting about quantum dots versus, say, electrodes, which are used in therapies like deep brain stimulation for Parkinson s, is that it may be possible to get them in there without cracking the skull open The researchers suggest quantum dots can be put in place by tagging them to proteins that target

Jun , But as I ve grown older, the slides have seemed smaller, the ride less an epic adventure and more a soggy disappointment so after my last sad, wet journey to some tiny water park in the The Scorpion s Tail at Noah s Ark Waterpark is a frightening waterslide, with its huge loop and clear plastic tubing.

Jul , If however, you believe GMOs are toxic, cancer causing substances, you have another option We will always need to fight for what we believe in and ignite change through thing like the March Against Monsanto and the upcoming Monsanto Video Revolt (which you should absolutely get involved in, as it s

Nov , A study that found a high breast cancer risk for plastics workers supports her belief that on the job exposures to toxic fumes and dust played a role in her illness tweets Some companies have altered this process, known as purging, requiring that the reeking muck be put into covered barrels.

Nov , In the beginning, Gogolin experimented using hot glue guns to melt the plastic rope and turn it into a sort of filament, though he was met with some Even such high profile companies as Adidas have found a way to turn ocean plastic into sneakers, and many others are using other types of plastic waste

Nov , Precious Plastic local recycling centre by Dave Hakkens Hakkens Precious Plastic project is a set of simple machines for recycling plastic and making new products locally He says he got the idea for the project after visiting plastic manufacturing companies and discovering that they were reluctant to use

Nov , I think it is viable if it means that marine debris increases in value, so the efforts to clean up get a higher priority, said Kristian Syberg, a plastics expert at Four years ago, Cape Porpoise Trading Company in Maine began making doormats out of old lobster trap ropes collected before they are lost or

Dec , Researchers from Penn State University have created plastic toys that self destruct when exposed to certain triggers Researchers designed plastics that melt with a chemical trigger This trigger could be sunlight, sewage bacteria, or possibly even urine The new dissolving materials could reduce plastic

Jan , The (almost) WATERLESS washing machine System uses plastic beads to clean clothes and it s more effective than detergent In humidity, plastic The company behind the technology, Xeros, claims the process is not only more effective at cleaning clothes, but it s also far more efficient Scroll down for

Jun , The investment supports continued growth for the company s premium private label towel products, and will create new jobs in Palatka, FL In the last years, capital investment and acquisitions in the Palatka mill have totaled million and statewide investments have totaled billion.

Apr , However, some less polar insecticides, such as the fluorinated pyrethroids, like metofluthrin and transfluthrin, have lower melting points hence can melt into liquids at ambient temperatures in the tropical areas and are slightly volatile so they release vapor into the air Low doses of airborne pyrethroids

Dec , In the dreams of crime scene investigators, no doubt, they can feed a piece of hair into a machine and see a reconstruction of what the owner looks like There s a hint of that fantasy in the news that Dutch scientists have developed a test intended help police tell from a crime scene DNA sample the color of a

Jun , If your belief in a grand designer drives you to study the world, you amp re in good company most of history amp s great scientists were believers of one type or Throwing tons of plastic into the oceans every year is pretty bad for everything else living on the planet, but failing to clean up after ourselves

Mar , In the very near future you may be forced to go through a professional to get access to your genetic information This is a power play where big organizations, the government, corporations, and professional guilds, are attempting to squelch the freedom of the consumer to further their own interests, and

Oct , Many consumers actively seek out glass packaging when they can because it s renewable it can theoretically be melted down and reused an infinite One is a faltering market waste management companies have to operate at a profit, and if they can t process and sell glass profitably, they have no

Dec , Yes, people are lazy, but we have the same tendencies as people had fifty, a hundred, or a thousand years ago That said, I am fine with you blaming obesity on people amp s laziness just as long as you don amp t indict them on it The problem is more complex than that, and the solution has nothing to do

Oct , Summary This manuscript describes the zWEDGI (zebrafish Wounding and Entrapment Device for Growth and Imaging), which is a compartmentalized device designed to orient and restrain zebrafish larvae The design permits tail transection and long term collection of high resolution fluorescent