lay laminate floor over tile

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Feb , If the vinyl flooring is going to be installed atop a concrete slab or over a c l space, be sure to use a vapor barrier Apply a moisture barrier to the subfloor before installing laminate and make sure that all seams are properly sealed Stone or ceramic tile is great for floors at any level of your home.

Aug , If your floor has linoleum, is in good shape , is smooth with no tears, then you can lay the laminate over the top of it as the lino adds very little The same slide will have a skid where it comes in over carpeting, so when replacing carpet with a wood or tile floor, you need to replace the skids with rollers.

Jul , Laminate flooring compared to wood and tile flooring on wear, durability and stain resistance Laminate floors are floating, meaning they could be laid over older floors and need not be glued or nailed down Laminate products are also snap and lock making the project a do it yourself, if you so wish.

Feb , We built a new house with plenty of insulation and we had to install carpet over the hardwood floors in the bedroom over the garage because of how cold the floors would get Hope this We replaced the laminate floor in the powder room with tile, and I can t wait to replace the kitchen floor too!! It might just

We answer the most common questions about replacing floors in mobile homes Can you use tile Do I have to replace the subfloor Laminate is my favorite flooring for mobile homes Since you have carpet you may be able to install the laminate right over the carpet (assuming you don t need to replace the subfloor).