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Mar , Most edibles do well in containers, and in some cases even prefer them For gardeners with poor soil, or no soil at all, container gardening can be a way to create the edible garden your landscape wouldn t otherwise allow you all within steps of your house But where to start San Francisco Bay Area

Feb , Cultivate some personality indoors with plant containers that are as unique as the greenery they hold I also appreciate originality and style, though, so I want the coolest pots and planters with an unconventional look These cork mounted flowers mimic a vertical garden in a subtle and simple way.

Lechuza Windowsill Planters Designed to mimic the shape of traditional windowsill planters, these self watering pots make it easy to provide the best possible environment for your flowers or kitchen herbs BUY IT Deltini Self Watering Planter At just inches high, this compact planter can spruce up any stylish niche.

Nov , Use burlap instead of preformed coir liners in your pots and planters and save some money I hold mine in place with binder clips There s good reasons burlap is so popular in the garden It s inexpensive, biodegradable, Instant Makeovers Disguise ugly pots and containers by wrapping them in burlap.

Dec , Non traditional planters If you have a porch that has vertical space, utilize planters that can be affixed to walls to double as wall art Succulent plants are very hearty, don t require a lot of water, and are perfect for planters Non traditional planters can also be containers that you have around your home like

Succulents, cactuses, and tillandsias (also known as air plants) are easy to care for, and their sculptural forms make them a natural choice for modern interiors Pick from these small scale pots and planters to create your own succulent garden, or grow a mini herb garden right on your kitchen windowsill Contemporary

Bring a little humor into your home garden by moving your plants into these pothead planter pots Add a little character and life to your garden by planting your greenery in these personalized face flower pots Avoid constant beer restocking trips by seating your friends around the planter and drink cooler picnic table.

Mar , Traditional Landscape by Glenna Partridge Garden Design Glenna Partridge Garden Design Tulip Tulips and other spring blooming bulbs add bright color to containers While you can plant the container with the bulbs in fall, leaving it in a protected site, it s easiest to purchase already blooming pots in the

Contemporary Outdoor Pots And Planters by Great Garden Supply Novelty Ella Wall Pot Planter, Black . Industrial Indoor Pots And Planters Ceramic Wall Planter Ceramic Wall Planter Contemporary Outdoor Pots And Planters by Great Garden Supply Novelty Napa Wall Pot Planter, Brown ..

Mar , They will also put drainage holes in pots for you! I mean, this news made me so happy!! planters in LA This was a small selection of what we came back withThe whole outside area has factory seconds and has pots for really, really cheap Some of them have small chips or hairline fractures, but they re

Jul , That papasan chair your teen has grown out of Keep it out of a landfill by filling it with organic matter and then kick back on your patio to watch it teem with new life Eclectic Landscape by Between Naps on the Porch Between Naps on the Porch Possibly the most creative repurposing of an old bed that

Actually, it s a myth, but it s one that even I believed for many years The common belief is that a layer of gravel in the bottom of pots will improve drainage and keep the soil from spilling out, and besides, that s how we ve always done it, so it must be right Here are the facts about using gravel in potted plants.

Apr , Create these easy and fun planters for your home or to give as gifts choose, your prehistoric planters can make a colorful indoor display on a kitchen windowsill, or a playful focal point outside in the garden or on your outdoor table Play around with the colors of the pots and the plants you put in them.

Apr , I still use my driveway sitting area a ton between watching the littles play outside and drinking a glass of wine while Honey grills I m hoping to find two new chairs, paint This pot is a bit more shaded than the other one out here because of the door overhang and the way the sun sets I always plant my two

Apr , The best pots I have found to date, that I can and have relied on for the past few years, are these handmade patio paver planters Quick and easy to put together, very durable and sturdy, and for a pot a great deal by far Along with the combination of Patio paints the sky is the limit for coordinating

May , I love growing container gardens and keep many of them throughout my landscape While I love the instant gratification of a inch starter pot, buying dozens of them to fill all those containers gets expensive One way to combat this is starting a number of easy to grow flowers and herbs from seed Another

Apr , Chairs Old Chairs make amazing raised planters When a piece of furniture has outlived its indoor life it can be moved to the outdoors! Plant in it! Pots and pans More kitchen stuff that makes its way into the yard Tiny pots full of garden greenery BOTTOM ROW Bags This tiny succulent garden

Self watering containers allow you to water your plants less frequently and prevent overwatering Self watering planters take the worry out of container gardening by providing a regular supply of water to your plants Self watering planters include a built in tray or reservoir beneath the plant container that holds water.

Oct , I love creating fall container gardens and often stick to standard autumn colors But I had an epiphany during a trip to my local nursery Fall containers can look just as stunning and seasonal without the traditional red, orange, yellow and brown Simply using annuals and perennials that naturally shine this

May , The atmosphere is buzzy, there are like minded people to chat to, innovative ideas to glean from show gardens and masses of garden related paraphernalia to spend your money on Need new pots and containers For alfresco entertaining, Chelsea offers the best in outdoor furniture and accessories.

Jun , Add a burst of color to your entryway with a pair of containers planted with summer bloomers or vibrant foliage plants If your garden needs lean more toward potting than cooking, set a simple metal trellis behind a potting station or outdoor work table to act as a tool rack for hand tools like trowels, clippers

May , Flower Pot Chair Now, let s go from planters to flower pots Chairs with broken seats are the perfect items for this project from Osie Moats This flower pot chair is simple and easy on the eyes and will look great in your yard, apartment balcony, deck, or patio Mediterranean Landscape First, remove the seat

Apr , Herb Container Gardens ~ Pots Planters {Saturday Inspiration Ideas} I kept the herbs in a few planters on the deck last year and have to say it was extremely convenient to have them within an arms reach to use every chance I could Table Top Herb Garden via Better Homes and Gardens.

Dec , Even in mild climates, most of us get far more use from our outdoor furniture in the spring and summer than in chillier times of year You can extend the use of your patio furniture and outdoor rooms into the colder months with a few practical tips, including what materials to look for if you re investing in new