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Mar , There is a lot of smoothing out and close cutting to get it to lay as flat as possible around the curved areas Stapled outer King headboard with padded edge For the legs I then cut a french cleat and attach the top piece to the headboard, when we install it we will attach the bottom part to the wall On this

Mar , It was there that we recently spotted Nicole s latest brilliant endeavor, a series of wall panels that she makes from the likes of Japanese indigo textiles and Belgian linen, meticulously stretched and then Read our Q A with Nicole below, then get in touch via her website if you d like to know more N N

Apr , Making your own stylish tufted upholstered headboard will save you hundreds of dollars, and this detailed DIY tutorial makes it easy Once you know how high you want it, measure from the top of your bed frame to the tallest point on the wall Whatever Build an extra long tufted panel headboard.

Sep , Try this Inexpensive Plank Wall how to, to give your walls some character on the cheap! Be sure your walls are clean, prepped and ready to install the paneling I would carefully remove any existing baseboards or trim pieces and replace them on top of the paneling to give you the most finished look .

Jul , rug upholstery There was no need to do any custom color palette for this project The Georgian Canvas Panel in our Harvest Gold finish was indeed perfect for her hallway We advised her on the dimensions for the canvas panels at no additional cost georgian wall panels and georgian canvas panels.

Mar , I have walls in my bedroom, which was quite confusing until I labeled and marked the walls and fabric panels The first wall you Getting the seams straight may be the hardest part of wall upholstery, so you may need to adjust a little from right to left to get them straight Be patient, and embrace the walls

Mar , Archive Getting Ready for Gift Giving Monthly Subscription Club The good thing about both of these beds is that they can be completely configured according to your specifications and fabric choices If you want something taller, add more panels above Or if your wall is longer, you can make it wider.

Sep , We poured fabric starch (you can get a gallon at Walmart for .) into a paint tray and used a roller to apply some onto the wall Totally unrelated do you think if I put peel and stick tiles on an old orange fermica counter top It could be removed easily and use as aback splash in the kitchen She is dying

Is there any way to test carpet padding for PBDEs (e.g by sending a sample of it or the contents of your vacuum bag to a lab) We just bought a house with lots of wall to wall What if the carpet padding is so old that it has deteriorated to a fine dust and will get to our baby no matter how much we vacuum

Jul , You want to spread out the absorption evenly among all walls and even place panels on the ceiling Panels can If your floors are sporting hardwood, tiles or linoleum on subfloor concrete, you may want to try rugs or carpet coupled with a sound absorbing padding Cut pile Buy a solid wood core door.

Dec , So, I started with the footboard which has the same paneling, because it s smaller and easier to access Both the headboard and footboard have a wood backing which is screwed on I wanted to avoid removing the backing on the footboard because I feared it would not fit over the fabric, and it would be

Jan , Modular wall panels and ancillary furnishings and fixtures, such as shelves and cabinets, having a single load bearing connector post between two coplanar panel members Assemblies having a multitude of connecting components can be very costly to purchase and time consuming to assemble.

Mar , After way too much fussing over a complicated jigsaw headboard design, I landed on this two panel upholstered hanging headboard, which scores big on multiple levels It s doable Build a French cleat to hang your headboards or purchase the Hangman Hanging System to hang the panels on the wall.

You ll use ? inch plywood as the backing and wrap it in inch thick foam padding to create soft, rounded edges before attaching the fabric Whether you build or buy your new headboard, position it on the wall so that the bottom lands below the mattress, giving the impression that it extends all the way to the floor.

Jan , It s really hard having something in your mind, and not knowing how it will really turn out, and or having the patience to wait until you can actually get it done! haha So pretty much I m really glad it s done now, makes me happy! Board and Batten Feature Wall Using D Wall Panels Mesmerizing Moments

Feb , Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite client projects and details on how to make a padded headboard I tried buying an electric staple fun to make things easier, but it did not work well at all Once you do that, number them on the back so you know which panel goes where on the wall panels