hardwood flooring installation methods

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

A dry run on a piece of scrap plywood is advisable, especially if this is a first time project for the installer.The install techniques shown below are based on my personal experience I have previously installed all types of floors from laminate and engineered to vinyl, ceramic tile, stone and of course my favorite hardwood.

Jun , This is how I removed the rubber latex backing from a rug that was stuck down to my hardwood flooring Recently, I had hardwood flooring installed in my guest room I had been wanting to do I am finally getting around to researching ways to clean it because nothing I ve tried has worked Hopefully I

Hello Debhouse, It appears that temperature is important when installing hardwood floors, but afterwards, humidity is the enemy of your floors, not heat You should be able to adjust your Using the wrong wood flooring or installation methods over a radiant heat system though can be devastating Unlike a

Oct , Thinset Terrazzo Method This is probably the most popular installation method today It uses an epoxy or resin instead of a cementitious binder The terrazzo floor shown here was made using the thinset epoxy method to create the perfect flooring for this elegant contemporary home, designed by Vinci

May , Heres our video on installing a floating wood floor! tempted to fit this type of flooring like this, the method is totally wrongYou MUST have a moisture barrier or fibre type underlay for a floating installation I think walking on this floor will be like walking on a wood shingle roof very very scary and noisy .

Sep , On to the non vinegar method You ll see that I recommend different products concentrates for cleaning your hardwood floors one is a soap (Dr Bronner s) and one is a cleaning concentrate (Sal Suds) Both work and both are from the same company Dr Bronner s If you have castile soap on hand,

Nov , Living in the Pacific Northwest, we may be a bit more neurotic in wanting to use a less toxic method with almost everything we do Having wood flooring installed brings up all kinds of questions, but one I didn t need to worry about was how toxic the process would be using the Bona products for staining