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Sep , It was almost seven o clock at night and we asked them where we could go to get wienerschnitzel, a good proper version of the traditional meal So I asked the guy if he knew where we could go to have it and he said, Yes, we have the best restaurant in town But then he tried to give me the directions

Mar , The life of a barrel starts in the woods, says Bob Russell, manager of mills and wood procurement When we re buying a white oak log, we re buying the very first ingredient. Making a barrel I just hung up with South Africa today, says Liz Braun, Brown Forman s used barrel sales manager I was in

I remember there was a brother of my mothers, or my fathers, who used to buy cattle in Ireland and graze them up around Greengairs direction My father was When I was about ten, emigration was the thing, there was always somebody going away to Canada, America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia When people

Dec , A lump of corroded bronze and shredded wood, it was left to rot in an ordinary crate in the open courtyard of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens It should have Nearly all of the ship s equipment was massively oversizedincluding tremendous hull planks more than inches thick (They left

Toyoko had to get up early not just to prepare breakfast, but also my bento even my boss brought sandwiches to the office! All suits The tub was a goemon buro, a cast iron cauldron like those used to cook missionaries in Africa, set in a smoothly polished cement jacket, and heated from below by a wood fire The fire was

May , The move to automated machinery is inevitable and already happening The workers going on strike just speeds up the Very greedy people, should not be entitled to a pay rise for years so that genuine grafters have a chance to get anywhere near that amount By the way the wage structure in the uk has

Sep , Wood Veneers and Plank Overlays Bamboo, paulownia, albiza and balsa woods are used in a variety of different ways during the surfboard construction process Thin veneers are vacuum formed to create the board s protective skin Perimeter stringer systems surround the blanks and thin planks are laid

Mar , African migrants run down a road after crossing the border fence between Morocco and Spain s north Migrants fightingwith wooden planks in Paris MEPs met in Brussels yesterday to discuss how to restore the Schengen free borders zone to full functioning in light of the new deal agreed with Turkey.

Africa is a nickname for a negro settlement, near the Rossville Road, Westfield Harrisville Off South Beach between New Creek and the Elm Tree Light at the foot of New Dorp Lane Known at first as the Church Road, then as the Port Richmond Plank Road, then as the Stone Road, and now called Richmond Avenue.

Nov , South African entrepreneur Willem van der Merwe was years old when he started his first business venture a tuck shop on his father s farm Van der Merwe approached a local earthmoving company, which after seeing promise in his venture, extended funds to purchase the machinery, some of which

Jan , They were unmasked as a propaganda machine powerless against the real tides of economy, creating only mischief and misunderstanding, and ultimately If oil prices do return to a level that would justify exploration and production of expensive, hard to get oil, (probably north of ) it will only crash

Finally, I d been left a bit of money by my late uncle despite him living in South Africa, I was close to him, and was very fond of the old boy Naming a loco after him seemed to be a way of honouring him (being ex RN Engineering I hoped he would be happy having machinery named after him) This is where I stray onto

Though Temple did not get its name until much later, there were probably mills at Bustlesham in Anglo Saxon times C J Cornish in A Naturalist on the Robert gave them Bisham with church, wood, plain, meadows, pasture lands and mills that were to be enjoyed free and quietly The Templars also owned land at

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