component of wood plastic composite decking

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May , Many materials exposed to exterior conditions are therefore exposed to acidic conditions, and materials such as wood plastic composite decking are exposed to acids both from rain and also from the presence of the acidic component in the material In addition, prolonged exposure to acid rain may lead to

Sep , Pvc composite material, foam board, production method and apparatus thereof, and flooring US A Abstract The present invention provides a polyvinyl chloride polymer (PVC) composite material including parts by weight of PVC, parts by weight of light calcium carbonate,

May , Use of a chlorinated polyolefin provides adhesion properties to the composition which are particularly useful in coating plastics such as thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs), polyethylene and polyethylene composites such as decking materials and fences, polypropylene, polypropylene composites, wood

Apr , Composite lumber Wood and plastic combined into one lumber product is called composite lumber Wood plastic composites generally exhibit low moisture absorption and high resistance to decay, insect, and UV ray damage The wood component provides the composite with greater dimensional

Dec , Pellets of FIBREX a PVC wood fiber composite of about parts PVC and parts wood fiber are fed into an extruder () via the extruder throat () The pellets are heated, mixed and compressed in the extruder barrel (), and then pushed via the extruder screw () through an adapter () and then a

Jun , , , entitled Wood Plastic Composites Using Recycled Carpet Waste and Systems and Methods of Manufacturing and U.S Provisional Patent to systems for fabricating wood or natural fiber plastic composite extrusions that employ recycled carpet waste as a component of the composite.

May , A system for making a wood and plastic composite comprising a) a hopper for receiving wood and plastic material b) a device for mixing the material for decorative moldings inside or outside of a house, picture frames, furniture, porch decks, window molding, window components, door components,

When the deck and hull components were composed of molded plastic layers with a hard foam inter layer, the ends of the three layers were exposed and defeated attempts to satisfactorily cement the components together, due among other things to bulging of the layers under load which would break the bond and expose