exterior staircase landing plastic under layment

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Feb , A method of manufacturing an extensible, coated material, comprising the steps of If a coating to be applied to an extensible fabric contains encapsulated phase change materials and has a UE much less than that of the fabric, the coating will prevent the coated fabric from stretching and making it stiff

Oct , Table vintage Eames for Herman Miller, eBay (with new marble top) Eames Molded Plastic chairs Herman Miller Big Bang chandelier Foscarini interior paint The hearth was covered in slate and extended to the side to accommodate the landing at the base of a new staircase leading up to the attic.

Nov , vinyl cutters are rubbish and u r better off useing a hook blade rather that a straight blade vinyl flooring should either b stuck all over or not at all as its plastic and will expand and contract with heat, taping just the edges will just cause it to bump Read more Show less Reply A STARZ year ago.

Dec , Dremel recently contacted me and asked if I d like an early Christmas present from Santa since I ve been such a good little DIY er this year Since Santa is all about DIY projects you know his workshop and all he (courtesy of Dremel of course) is going to give one of YOU a Dremel Saw Max too!

Size the Runner Cut the Padding to Width to Install a Flat Weave Cotton Stair Runner Photo by Laura Moss Slip a piece of felt carpet padding under the runner, inset from the edge to form a smooth transition to the tread, as shown Measure the difference, and calculate how wide to cut the padding Unroll the padding, use

Nov , You need a spot for your kids to do homework and use the computer outside their rooms so that you can monitor Internet activity Why not Even a stair landing could be an inviting homework area Unless you plan on staying in your home for less than five years, throw that thought out the window fast.

This invention also provides a process for consolidating fibers or filaments into strong patterned structures without using the conventional process steps previously required for FIGURE is a corresponding photomicrograph of the fabric of FIGURE held under a multiaxial stress sufficient to elongate the fabric .