termite resistant composite panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Nov , A process of imparting termite resistant properties to wood products comprising contacting and infusing a termite resistant amount of sodium silicate into voids in said wood product The method of claim , wherein the composite wood panel is one selected from particleboard, plywood and waferboard.

Jan , A foundation system includes metal framing members that support a reinforced, lightweight, dimensionally stable cementitious panel The foundation system is non combustible, water durable, mold and rot resistant, and termite resistant The panels employ one or more layers of a continuous phase

Jan , A hollow rectilinear thermoplastic structural component as claimed in claim characterized in that it is extruded as a panel provided with locking grooves which will require minimal maintenance and will be safe from termites, corrosion, rust or rot and will be highly resistant to the effects of weathering.

Feb , In order to impart sufficient water resistant properties to the constructions made with these resins, attempts have been made to combine a wax The present invention is further directed to a composite prepared by bonding furnish with the adhesive phenolic resin wax emulsion composition and to a process

Jan , A lignocellulosic based composite having resistance against insect and fungal attack which comprises pesticidal amounts of a higher solubility borate and a lower solubility borate Their benefits include efficacy against most wood destroying organisms such as fungi, termites and wood boring beetles.

Jun , The panels, possibly in conjunction with particular fasteners, include interlocking elements and may be formed from a composite building material having a Although the cement composite material is resistant to permanent water and termite damage when it is properly coated and installed, the cement

First, MEPS has an R value of per inch of thickness at °F The typical panel we use has inches of foam in its core (R ) this is the composite It will not rot and it is highly resistant to mildew Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood, they just burrow in it, and the softer the wood, the easier the work.

Jun , A suspended concrete flooring system comprising a plurality of spaced apart load bearing members or supporting walls that support a plurality of joists having opposing sides and arranged substantially at right angles to the load bearing members The joists have a support shelf

Jul , There is described a composite board comprising iv) cellulosic plant material v) a hydrophilic substance and vi) an adhesive or resin The recovered or recycled wood may have been treated to prevent attack by pests such as fungi or termites, or may have a surface treatment such as a stain, lacquer or